Marcy WM1509 multi gym Was £293.59 Now £146.79

Marcy WM1509 multi gym Was £293.59 Now £146.79

Found 20th Jul 2009
This Marcy multi gym has a 2" X 2" heavy duty steel tube frame with a durable powder coated finish. The dual function press arms allow you to achieve all pressing exercises (bench, incline, shoulder) along with pectoral fly exercises. This multi gym also features a leg developer attachment with 4 oversized roller pads with proper pivot point for correct muscle isolation. The pulley system includes 2000lb tensile strength aircraft cable and sealed bearing pulley units. The WM1509 also features a 45kg selectorizec vinyl weight stack with metal protective weight stack shrouds and a height adjustable arm curl pad attachment. The Marcy multi gym is suitable for a maximum body weight of 140kg and requires self assembly.


Really tempted but am I right in thinking this only has a 45kg weight stack? If so that makes this one for the ladies :x

You are right. Bit light really but good price if the weight is right for you.

I had something similar by Marcy. It has a system where you can increase the (effective) weights using some sort of resistence system. Did the trick, but movement wasn't as fluid as you'd like. Great for the money IMO

I would seriously consider getting some free weights instead of this, I bought one of these types about 3 years ago and it was the worst investment I could have made in my own health.

These machines just don't have the flexability needed for a full body work out. I would consider getting a decent set of free weights and an ajustable bench. I had some money burning a hole in my pocket and wanted to save spave so I got the Bowflex Selectech 4010s. Turns out to be one of the best investments I ever made
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