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Marina Deep Sea Explorer Fish Tank 17L Kids Glass Aquarium Filter Starter Kit £25.99 ebay /  hugglepets
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Marina Deep Sea Explorer Fish Tank 17L Kids Glass Aquarium Filter Starter Kit £25.99 ebay / hugglepets

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Posted 14th May
Marina Kids Aquarium - Deep Sea Explorer

Nothing on Earth is as distant or as alien as the deep seas and oceans.

Deep below the surface is a mysterious world, a world abundant with weird and wonderful life.

With internal filter and easy feed openings, this aquarium is truly simple for your child to independently care for their aquatic friends.

Join us on our journey into the abyss and see what mysterious creatures you can find with this Marina Kids Aquarium Deep Sea Explorer!


  • 17L Glass aquarium with canopy and feet
  • Internal Filter
  • Background
  • Marina Graphic
  • Setup & Care Guide
Size- 17 Litre
Community Updates


Too small.
My son would absolutely love this, unfortunately I’ll be the stuck cleaning it out so he won’t be getting it.

Cheaper still to buy direct from the seller if you live in Wolverhampton and can collect


They are too small I only have minnow but had to upgrade to a larger tank as no where said it was big enough for them.
Please don't buy a tank this small. This tank would be questionable even for just a single neon tetra, let alone the goldfish that would inevitably get put in it.

When you buy a tank too small fish stop outwardly growing (but their insides keep growing, eventually causing a painful death), they get over-stressed and/or they swim in their own filth until the ammonia levels burn out their eyes
Only good for an Aquascape and a few shrimp,and maybe a beautiful Betta Splenden male...
I've got a 450 litre African Cichlid tank with wild caught MBUNA,two Eheim pro 2080's with Hydor inline heaters.70% water change every week oh and 5 cuckoo cats too keep the population down...
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