Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time (DS) only £14.96 delivered @ UWish

Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time (DS) only £14.96 delivered @ UWish

Found 1st Aug 2007
Twice the Bros., twice the insanity! And you thought their last adventure was hilarious? Now the Mario Bros. are teaming up with their young selves on a quest of lunatic proportions. Control them in this action-packed role-playing games as you take on evil alien entities known as the Shroobs

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great price, ordered!

they have metroid hunters at £12.96 - that looks a good price too?
This is a great game, and at that price I recommend it to everyone
well i tried to order - this is what i got from support...

Hi Jon, unfortunately, we are currently xperiencing problems with ProtX, our online bank verification system.
Although they assure us that it will be fixed soon, we don't know when customers will be able to order again.
Just ordered and I haven't received an email confirmation. I'm a little worried. Does anyone know how long the delivery takes from this site, as I go on a holiday next week?:)
Just spoke to Dan and they have received my order. A little silly that they don't email people to confirm but oh well.
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