Mario Galaxy (Wii) for £19.99 @ Gamestation
Mario Galaxy (Wii) for £19.99 @ Gamestation

Mario Galaxy (Wii) for £19.99 @ Gamestation

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There were adverts in the press yesterday (eg Metro, Daily Star) which advertised the game for £19.99.
Although the website shows £34.99, you can call them and ask them to match the price you saw in the press.
I did it at my local Gamestation earlier today. Rang up Gamestation Customer services and told them i had seen the advert. Then i asked them to call my local store to confirm the price and voila...walked out with the game for £19.99
Also you can get them to post the game to you for £1 p


I was going to post this aswell. I did it earlier :)..... If they ask which paper it was advertised in, it is the Metro..

Ta Crossy

How is this a cold deal then?????

It's probably because no-one can find it :|.

Heat added.

So it was a gamestation advert in the metro ?

im confused- how do you get this game for £19.99 and £0.01 delivery. it shows out of stock online and is it available instore at this price of £19.99 !!! id love to get it for that price for my daughter

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Sorry this was my first post so not sure how it all works.
Anyway...the price advertised was £19.99 (they charge £1 p&p if u order it on the phone).
I went to the store and asked them if they would sell me it at that price. After ringing the head office (and being put on hold for ages) he confirmed the advert and sold me it for the price advertised.
I recommend you call Gamestation (number is on the website) and tell them you saw the advert in Metro. They should sell you it for £19.99

Hi can you let me know what date was the metro paper with the misprice in please just in case there are any further questions cheers in advance

What areas is the Metro available from? I know they're available in London, but don't think I have ever seen a copy around my area.

Too complicated for my liking. I like the simple deals that require zero effort =).

I live near Manchester. I phoned up said i seen it advertsied in the Metro (its a London paper) for £19.99 but in store and on there site it was £34.99 and i wanted it for the advertised price they said fine i give them my card details and then i paid £1 for postage. Not that hard really. Even if you Live somewhere else you could say you read the paper on the train....

I'm going to try this in the morning... I hope their lines are open on a Sunday...

They have the metro all over the country in the major cities.

It's a saving of £15 for 1 poxy phonecall, sounds like a great deal to me.

what date was it from (the newspaper)

Are their stores open on Sundays? And has anyone ordered from them over the phone on a Sunday?

The newspaper was yeseterday. Sorry i dont know if they open Sundays or not. You could try instore and get them to phone head office like a few other people have done....

Save yourself the cost of ringing the 0845 by ringing this number instead

01904 476650



Are their stores open on Sundays? And has anyone ordered from them over … Are their stores open on Sundays? And has anyone ordered from them over the phone on a Sunday?


will try phoning tomorrow as it's a bargain for £20 if they honour it for everyone that phones

voted hot

Wonder if anyone can upload the advert onto the forum for people to quote when the phone up Gamestation

going to try this!

These 2 pics are from fridays daily star, not sure if its the same advert as the metro papers ones.
In these pics it says FROM £19.99 with an * next to the £19.99 i ve also posted the t&c's at the bottom which says £19.99 refers to sight training on DS.



Does that mean Uncharted is at £19.99 too?


Does that mean Uncharted is at £19.99 too?

It means that gamestation sell games FROM £19.99* ...
* The ds sight game is the only one , the rest are more expensive, which is why NO stores have this on offer or on the website!
BUT you might get lucky if you argue the case like peep on here seem to be!

The Daily Star has obviously advertised properly. Seems the metro didn't. If it's advertised as even 1p the store HAS to sell it at that price!...I'm confused with the 01904 number Crossy posted. Isn't that more expensive?

Their head office isn't open on Sundays btw

head office are open and say never heard of deal must be instore only, take paper with you to get deal. Don't think so lol:)

just phoned and got the mario galaxy for £19.99 and £1 p&p. smashing deal . heat added and cheers to OP !


...I'm confused with the 01904 number Crossy posted. Isn't that more … ...I'm confused with the 01904 number Crossy posted. Isn't that more expensive?

It's a local number so will be charged standard national rate not an inflated one. Even cheaper if you get free local calls :thumbsup:

me too £20 incl postage

Sorry to be naive but won't PCWorld price match with their 110% cash back deal if you take the Metro paper in and buy there???

did anyone else get messed about with comments like the credit card you are using is not being accepted, even though it shows as accepted online???????

:santa::santa:[SIZE="5"]got mine 20.00 no bother thanks:thumbsup:[/SIZE]

[SIZE="4"][SIZE="5"][SIZE="2"]Just got the wife to ring up and as soon as she mentioned the 'Metro' advert they knew what she was on about and order went through no problem[/SIZE] [/SIZE][/SIZE]:whistling:

just tried and failed. VERY disappointed, NOT that I didnt get it but that they took all my details DOB address CC details (ex date/security code) then to tell me that the card was successfull but I failed an "interna" check with "CYBERSOURCE"

He said that their system is MORE stringent than the BANK and if so then they should have checked their system first before putting my card through!

I think they have cottoned to it because he said that they cannot try again and that if I go to the store it's up to their discretion.

I'm on the phone to them, waiting SO long for an operator to answer! Bored...

Woohoo, got it. £20.99, no problems at all with the transaction. Great deal!

Tried my local store first, but they didnt know anything about the advert in the papers (no supprise there!). Tried the number (01904 476650) given by Crossy and got mine for £19.99 plus £1 for the postage.

Cheers Crossy for this deal!:)

Got it for £19.99 by ringing the 0845 number. They never mentioned postage and packaging charges...just charged me £19.99....thanks to the OP!

They just accepted my order at £20.99 too....as soon as I mentioned the Metro advert the guy on the phone burst out laughing! I'm guessing every phone call they're getting is about Mario Galaxy!

Thanks got it for £19.99 plus £1 postage. Used the 01904 476650 number

Just ordered mine for £20.99. Didnt even mention the Metro, guy asked if i'd seen it advertised there! Said i was his 17th person that morning to order it!

Got one no problem - customer services were very obliging - heat added.
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