Mario Kart 7 3DS £17 @ Tesco Instore

Mario Kart 7 3DS £17 @ Tesco Instore

Found 14th Jan 2015
Mario Kart 7 3DS Instore at only £17!
Pretty sure this is national as that is the price on the Tesco Direct website.

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what store was this?

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what store was this?

Tesco, Llansamlet

none in telford, nintendo games are all pretty much at the £40+ mark.

Wish I had a Tesco that still had a Nintendo section, only Xbox and PlayStation sharing half an aisle

Aaargh! I live 5mins from that store!! Stupid job!

wow great price heat from me thanks

Damn, that's a great price - wish I was near A Tesco!

great price

There are people selling the download code for this game for around this price on ebay

Wow, amazing price! Even CEX want £28 for their second hand copies.

Sweet price thanks for that.
My local store had them marked at £35 but I checked price at counter and was £17 ☺

Out of stock on Tesco Direct already


Out of stock on Tesco Direct already

Yep they've took it off now - Ricoh Cov managed to have about 15 boxes on the shelf, but strangely no stock...

Thanks OP, decided to head to my local Tesco Home in Bracknell where I had seen it before, still priced at £35, but scanned at £17 so a great price for a must have Nintendo title..!
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