Mario Kart wii £23.54 @tescoentertainment

Mario Kart wii £23.54 @tescoentertainment

Found 13th Aug 2010
use code FTSL15-1 for this price

The multiplayer racing of the Mario Kart series makes its way to Wii with online play and a fresh control scheme. After an enjoyable outing with Mario Kart DS, Mario’s most popular spin-off is back on home consoles with the motion sensing twist now expected from Wii. Using the included Wii Steering Wheel attachment, players can steer with the Wii Remote mid-air. Those who prefer a more traditional control method can still use the nunchuk attachment (or a GameCube controller) to drive. The classic Mario Kart formula stays mostly untouched, but tracks are more extravagant than ever, and include a selection of retro tracks chosen from previous Mario Kart titles dating all the way back to the SNES era. Every track is available to play online worldwide with Wi-Fi Connection and Bikes can now race along karts, which have their own particular driving style to add to the mix. Mario Kart Wii takes the classic fast-paced racing of previous Mario Kart titles and revives the formula with a number of fun additions. With its solid online modes and refreshing new control schemes, Mario Kart Wii is one of the best in the series..
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anyone get to use the voucher code? it appears to be error for me =(
yah i got it now, anywhere to get official wii controller + nunchuk for good price? shame the code cant be used with the tesco direct bundle =(
Have some heat. I was just playing this yesterday. Classic!
Its amazing that this game is so old, but still sells for a high price.

Still, this is the cheapest I can find, so heat added.
Odered for my little un cheers op......
no steering wheel with this one though shame
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