Mario Party 8 for the wii £25 @ virgin megastore

Mario Party 8 for the wii £25 @ virgin megastore

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Blockbuster recalled all their stock as the game had major bugs. Not sure if this was true for all of them or just BB ones...


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it says pre order on the site and that its available from the 3rd of Aug

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yes that was why it was recalled


It's a good price for £25. It's quite a disappointment though compared to previous ones in the series, so I wouldn't want to pay more than that for it.

can you get this price in store or only online ? As I dont want to wait upto a week!

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not sure try popping into your store and see

My local virgin store closed down a few weeks ago :-(

35quid in store!

Looks like I will order online, shame its 3-7 day wait though

Anywhere else selling it for 25quid?

powerplaydirect £27.99 with 4% quidco and 2% off with code 'PP-02-DISCOUNT'

great game. shame its not in widescreen. i mean, who has a 4:3 tv these days?

i only know one person who doesn't own a 4:3 TV!

Why the hell are people buying this game? :roll:

The launch games for the Wii were better party games. Mario party has being going downhill since the first one.

They keep changing there minds about the price, first it was £25.00, then £29.00, and for some reason they've put it back to £25.00 now!

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now its £27
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