Mario Party 8 Wii - £9.50 @ WH SMITH instore Harrogate
Mario Party 8 Wii - £9.50 @ WH SMITH instore Harrogate

Mario Party 8 Wii - £9.50 @ WH SMITH instore Harrogate

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The world's most popular party video game is getting a lot crazier on Wii in Mario Party 8. Whether you're shaking up cola cans or lassoing barrels, you and your friends will be drawn into the party action like never before with Mario Party 8's intuitive use of the innovative Wii Remote.

In Mario Party 8, a whimsical ringmaster has invited Mario, Peach and the rest of the crew to his carnival, a perfect setting for the dynamic spectacle of the Wii's party game play. Mario Party 8 keeps the surprises coming with minigames that draw upon the Wii Remote's motion, pointing and button control in a variety of ways. Mario Party players always know how to jump into the action by watching an animated tutorial that shows how to use the Wii Remote for the best possible party experience.

Mario Party 8 Features:

* Play with motion control: Mario Party 8 Players pick their favourite Mario characters and row their way through a river race, punch a statue to pieces, steer race cars, mopeds and go-karts and handle a balancing pole while walking a tightrope.
* Play using the Pointer: Party up and Shoot at Boos in a haunted house, rag and drop toppings in a cake-decorating competition, select the correct answers in game show challenges.
* Play using the Wii Remote's buttons: Players jump and pummel their way through a football brawl, hop and run across a field of spinning platforms.
* Dozens of new Mario Party minigames: Mario Party 8 also includes dozens of new minigames, six new party boards and many new party game modes. In a series first, players can transform their Mario characters into many forms, such as player-smashing boulders and coin-sucking vampires. Mario Party 8 also includes "extra-large" minigames like Star Carnival Bowling and Table Menace. One to four players can play Mario Party 8, each with a Wii Remote.


my local wh smith dont sell games? is it only certain stores that sell um x

Its about £30 on website, good deal i certainly would have got a few copies. Mario games seem to hold value, just wondered if you would get more back if traded it in game for example.

I got one of these this week after trying to find the recent half price wii mario kart that whsmiths

WHSmiths is gradually clearing out it's games from stores, both my two nearest stores have now stopped selling games totally, tbh they always sold them at the rrp, I never understood that considering one of my local stores was the only shop in the town that sold console games
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