Mario Power Tennis + Game Control - £12.98 @ Gamestation

Mario Power Tennis + Game Control - £12.98 @ Gamestation


Out of stock..?


Out of stock..?

Thats the Pre-owned thats out of stock. New is in stock.

Good deal, heat and rep.

whats game control? i thought all games have that so you can play them! LOL

i got this a couple of months ago for £10 from cdwow but this is the best i've seen since


i got this from for £4.99 a while ago now , it was posted on here, that was just the game though, great game.

Where did you get the 'Game Control' bit from?

This is the gamecube game ported to the Wii with the new wii control method.. as opposed to the old gamecube method.
No new controllers or anything, just "new" control method for this particular game.

I got it for a fiver and played it for 10 minutes, but it may be suitable for kids and not 28 year olds like myself.

tennis wanters, should get grand slam tennis man. This is just mindless waggle, plays worse than wii sports... and that was a tech demo!!

buy a 2nd hand copy of original gamecube game instead - the new controls make game unplayable

original is really good game

Game is ok and fun for a bit. I bought it for £5 from hot deal on here about a month ago.
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