Mario Power Tennis (Wii) £7.97 @ Amazon

Mario Power Tennis (Wii) £7.97 @ Amazon

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Mario Power Tennis is the second in the series of New Play Control! titles and will see the much loved Mario Power Tennis from GameCube adapted to offer this great game with all-new controls on Wii. This new game will still allow you to choose from a range of characters from the Mario franchise, and you can then either play regular tennis or tennis-themed minigames. You will play through the Tournament Mode in both Singles and Doubles matches allowing you to unlock a variety of new characters, extra minigames and courts as well as a more challenging Star Tournament.

The new controls allows you to, perform different strokes by flicking the Wii Remote in the corresponding direction, utilising the motion sensitive controls for Wii. A player can now charge up his power shot gauge by waiting and hitting the ball back at the last possible moment. The game will now offer different levels of control types which increase in difficulty appealing to varied levels of gamers: Easy, Medium, Technical, and Difficult.

New Play Controls allows you to utilise different strokes, by flicking the Wii Remote
Your player will now charge up his power shot gauge by waiting hitting the ball back at the latest possible moment
The game offers 4 levels of control - Easy, Medium, Technical and Difficult


Anyone played this one? Is it any good?
I only have the tennis on the original Wii Sports... Is this much better?

Can you still play with a regular controller instead of motion controls?

I got it when it was £6, its an ok game, the special shots seemed quite good at the beggining but every time you do one it goes to a cut scene so can get annoying but over all game play is pretty good,for this money you can't really argue.

No you can't use a regular controller which is a shame.

My issues with this game are:

1. The power shots- You can't turn them off in the Championship mode, the computer will get them far more often than you and will often punish you with them. This was an issue with the GC version too.

2. The motion controls are poor. Far worse than Wii Sports, some shots like smashes and drop shots are not easily picked up resulting in your charachter pulling off the wrong shot all too often. Again, at the higher level of the 1 player game, this means that you are punished far too often.

But imo, the game is still great fun, especially as a party game. It's just a poor conversion, why, oh why, didn't they just allow the use of the gamecube controller to bypass the dodgy motion controls?!
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