Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (Wii) - £20.46 @ The Hut

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (Wii) - £20.46 @ The Hut

Found 4th Mar 2009Made hot 4th Mar 2009
Use voucher for this price. Also 5% cashback through quidco (£19.44)


Kids love this but sorry - I just can't get to grips with the sodding diving level!! @%*^$^%$

I dont think you can get Quidco if you use a voucher code (see quidco site) but worth a punt. Deals still good though, thanks.

Thanks for posting - I had checked find-dvd for prices on this this morning and the hut weren't listed but it's back on there now and they're £1 cheaper than everyone else without the 10% off. I'd promised my son I'd buy it if it dropped to £20 again - I think I can live with paying an extra 46p!
Went through cashback kings as quidco's usually rejected with a voucher code but there's nothing to lose by trying!!!

I can't believe how well this game has held its price. With and average critic score of 6.7 and user score of 7.9 @ Metacritic, it looks like a badly implemented mini game collection to me - the sort that normally are on offer for £9.99 or thereabouts...........

I guess a couple of mascots go a long way :whistling:

Go figure

oh i didn't know it wouldn't track, i tried it last time with a website and it worked...

the discount code not working but still great deal

Voucher is expired now - price is £22.73
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