Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games - Wii - £10 @ Morrisons

Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games - Wii - £10 @ Morrisons

Found 25th Jan 2011Made hot 26th Jan 2011
Went into my nearest Morrisons this evening to get The Last Window on the DS (the gaming section was closed so no luck there unfortunately). Saw they had a few sealed copies of M&S;**** behind the glass cabinet that also contained various consoles and accessories.

Manufacturer's Description
The biggest Olympic superstars are back and the only country they're representing is video game land. The team-up that fans could previously only dream of is back, as the worlds of Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog combine at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver.

Donkey Kong is added to the line-up of gaming's biggest superstars
New addition Metal Sonic faces off against Mario in the ice hockey game
The Dream Ski Cross event looks suspiciously similar to Mario Kart Wii
Princess Peach looks particularly fetching during the figure skating

Following the same format of the 2008 summer games tie-in you and your friends can choose to compete in authentic Olympics disciplines as everyone from Mario and Sonic to Bowser, Dr Eggman, Yoshi and Tails.

All the disciplines you'd expect are here, including alpine skiing, ice hockey, speed skating, bobsleigh, figure skating and snowboard halfpipe. There will also be new fantasy events such as Dream Ski Cross, which sees everyone competing in a Mario Kart style race complete with familiar looking power-ups and speed boosts. Realism isn't the goal here, just good old fashioned multiplayer fun.
Key Features

* Superstar team-up: Only the second game to include Mario and Sonic characters together, featuring the official Olympics license and input from Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto.
* Worlds collide: Play as any of the characters from the original game - from Prince Peach to Vector the Crocodile, as well as first-timers Donkey Kong and Metal Sonic.
* Added balance: For the first time in a Sonic & Mario game you'll be able to use the Balance Board for some events, if you have one.
* The full monty: The new Festival mode lets you play through the whole of the Olympic Winter Games, including all the disciplines and an opening and closing ceremony.
* Friendly rivalry: Mountains of multiplayer options, including four-player competitive tournaments and co-operative games.



heat added.

Fab price!

Brilliant game for competitive adults!

great fun game

You'll only get this if you are lucky, morrisons is always dependent on what stock is delivered on the day and mine never have any of these offers on. Heat added as good price though.

Prince Peach?

Already posted.
Got mine 2 weeks back, still got some left in my local store

Just got one at Morrisons, The Gyle, Edinburgh.....cheers

Just picked one up at Haverfordwest, they were not on display i had to ask at the counter and they had a few left in stock..

Original Poster

There was one last unsealed copy in a bargain bin of the the MK branch when I last went.

bought 1 up 2 day from market drayton for my granson ......not on shelf hve 2 ask at customer services

if anyone gets one anywhere in london please let me know, i tried queensbury and they dont have any at all, i did the get walk with me game for the £5 tho.

Picked one up in High Wycombe 2 week ago
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