Mario Tennis ( New Play control ) on WII  £17.99 pre-order at

Mario Tennis ( New Play control ) on WII £17.99 pre-order at

Found 31st Jan 2009
Mario Power Tennis

Part of Nintendo's New Play Control! series of titles of classic Nintendo games remade for the unique control systems of the Wii, this game brings back the Mario's tennis challenge with controls designed around the Wii Remote.

The Mushroom Kingdom has hosted tennis tournaments before, but never one as explosive as this one. The wild multiplayer action of the smash Nintendo 64 hit, Mario Tennis, returns with even more powerful shots and new, character-specific power-ups guaranteed to make for the craziest matches ever! Instead of just striking a ball back and forth, opponents in Mario Tennis will launch flaming volleys and slam hits with oversized mallets. Gamers play amidst all-new courts and obstacles, as well as some new characters and game modes. For example, you now get to play in the courts of Luigi's Mansion and below the packed stadiums of Peach Dome. Each court brings its own set of challenges. Each character also boasts his/her own set of moves, and each of them fitting the personality of its respective character.

Choose your friends wisely. Power characters like Donkey Kong and Bowser can hit insanely powerful Megaton Balls, finesse players like Shy Guy can use instant Tornado Returns and defensive masters like Luigi have all kinds of tricks in their bags!

With one- to four-player modes available, players of all ages can pick up the game and instantly start whacking tennis balls around, and yet a deep level of skill awaits those willing to master it. Build up more and more skill points as you play to use stronger and stronger shots with all kinds of spin!


Anyone seen a preview on this? Please post site if so. I think it sounds great. Fantastic price, voted hot.

Edit: Just seen it is a remake of the NCG version but with wii motion, still hot.

Very hot!

I loved the N64 version, but didn't bother with the Gamecube one. Had my doubt about getting this, but at £17.99 it's a must. Heat and rep left!

Edit :

Uh oh - could go up in price....

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Gamecube one is great fun, and the multi-player games were excellent! Definitely going to mark thsi one down when it's out - and Pikmin when it's finally re-done too!
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