Mario Tennis Wii - £1.97 @ Currys (Instore)

Mario Tennis Wii - £1.97 @ Currys (Instore)

Found 20th Jun 2011Made hot 20th Jun 2011
Went in currys this morning they had Mario Tennis for £1.97 Bargain



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Which currys ?

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ok cheers

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Which currys ?

Devizes Wiltshire , best to phone your local Currys

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Went in KFC this morning they had 30 Chicken Strips for £2.97 Bargain


Will go down in the next hour to check this out, great price if Nationwide...... HOT!


Went in KFC this morning they had 30 Chicken Strips for £2.97 Bargain

which KFC?

Full price in south ruislip currys


which KFC?

Erm... It was my local. Try ringing your local KFC and quote product no. 2412837.


Went in KFC this morning they had 30 Chicken Strips for £2.97 Bargain

Proof? let us see the receipt or i'm calling bull**** on this one! (_;)

Nothing on the website so COLD!:(

This will be a clearance line and a good deal if you can pick one up. Worth getting them to scan if its displayed at higher price. It wont show any stock online. You will have to check instore. None in Torquay.

Thanks for posting.


4.97 in St Helens

went to currys sunderland , there was none there , went next door to pc world and found one there , however there was only 1 left and no super smas bros ,

Yeah its been 4.97 repeatedly and smash bros but I think people get narked because its usually in about 3 stores WORLDWIDE, maybe a slight exaggeration there. I got mine online for 4.97 when it was widely available so good luck to anyone that can get it

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OP did they have many insotre in Devises, im not far from there and might pop along if they had a few.

Hmmmmm store specific?

I got one! Also got monster hunter tri with controller for £7.97!

I found Mario tennis got the last one in Currys berryden store

OP - Any more on the shelf in Devizes or did you have last one?

What is the product code? cant make out some numbers, thanks in advance

Who needs a copy Aberdeen Currys have 1 left in city centre.

Picked one up from Bolton and one from Bury. Traded it in at ASDA for a £5 game card. Sweet!
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