Mark Hill RAW Zebra Power Hairdryer @ Boots £59.99 to £24.99

Mark Hill RAW Zebra Power Hairdryer @ Boots £59.99 to £24.99

Found 11th Nov 2010
The Mark Hill RAW Zebra Power Hairdryer .
£59.99 to £24.99

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Wow, many thanks! I've been wanted a pro hairdryer for ages! I'll pop in to boots tomorrow! Thanks!!
Still 59.99?

Still 59.99?

check the start date
just ordered 2 online for pick up
Looks good.

Just bought a Phillips one from Argos that was reduced from £25 to £16.50 but I think I will return that and get one of these bad boys.
It looks fine, I'll get some as gifts for friends.
saw online but wasn't in store(FORT-Glasgow-Saturday)

Had a better read up on hairdryers and everything said no no no to Boots half price 2000watt dryers. You can get a proper professional ETI one for around the same price if you search hard enough.
I haven`t a clue about hairdryers but there seems to be mixed reviews about every hairdryer I look at.

I had a look at ETI ones on Amazon and theres not many reviews and this is one of them:

ETI Turbodryer 2000 Professional Salon Hairdryer - Aubergine Purple
I bought this because of the colour, having a purple-obsessed daughter. I also thought as it is billed as a 'professional salon hairdryer' that it would be fast and powerful, so I swallowed and spent the not inconsiderable price for it. However I have found that my cheap little lightweight boots hairdryer is way better.
This one seems to take forever to dry her hair, and it is uncomfortably hot on the highest setting yet strangely ineffectual. It is quite heavy and cumbersome too. Not particularly impressed I'm afraid.
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