Marks an Spencer clothing sale
Marks an Spencer clothing sale

Marks an Spencer clothing sale

Just visited the Tamworth store and discovered they are selling several clothing items for as little as £1 £2 & £3 including ladies white summer trousers (Per Uno, Weekend range etc)


yep kids lovely knicks for 10p-lol-t-shirts £1 and hats etc 25p..

looks like final reduction time when i spoke to my mum she was raving about the t shirt and shirt she got for a £1 each

Just instore is it? Can't see anything online

Those mens suits for £24 that got loads of heat on here recently, the jackets were £5 instore today.

HOT - They are basically 'S' stamping (soiling) everything to get rid of it. Welwyn Garden City had loads of kids for £1 and £2 each (starting prices £8-£10 ish). Non returnable and they scribble though the label - for that price who cares!!!

any london stores doing this?

How about coventry stores?


any london stores doing this?

All stores clearing stock will be - it will be at the back of the departments probably on a rail - you'll have to hunt for it!

these are managers reductions most stores are same price wise but may have different stock in my store bras and knickers 50p
all tops trousers £1
all kidswear 50p

i wouldnt pay any atatention to the non returnable rubbish any shop says... has no base of law in the sales of goods act

wow, brilliant!!!!! :thumbsup::-D

must check that out!!!

Got quite a bit today, thank you. Voted hot.
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