Marks and Spencer - £1 Sale
Marks and Spencer - £1 Sale

Marks and Spencer - £1 Sale

Was visiting my local M&S (in Glasgow)today and they had 2 sale rails with everything priced at £1.
It included various items of clothing including skirts, blouses etc.
I asked an assistant about it and she told me they were getting more rails in tomorrow and that it was a nationwide offer to get rid of old stock.

Instore Only.


Thanks for the heads up claire89

the one person in my work who is always going on about m and s is off today, what are the chances

Got to go in and get my Euros for holiday - so cheers for the heads up!

Does this include mens clothing? If so, I will check out the Nottingham store on the way home and let you all know on here whether the offer extends to Notts.

no sign in M&S Sheffield City Centre :-(

[SIZE=2]i didnt see this in the Londom Colney store yesterday :-( [/SIZE]

Not in Hull either.

not in london, oxford st or marble arch

I find it's only in certain stores, I've had mega bargains in the past (leather school shoes for £1) when they do this so it's well worth keeping an eye out.

not The Fort, Birmingham

Claire, which M&S in Glasgow was it? Argyll St or Sauchiehall St or one of the shopping centre ones? Ta

Thanks for this, good post :thumbsup:

Voted hot

not in ilford branch:-( ... even staff dont have any idea about the sale :x

Birmingham City Centre thought I was mad! A collection of "final clearance" but still at the original further reduction prices.....

Lots of sale items were 50p in Mansfield M&S on Wednesday, unfortunately didn't find out till Thursday and there was nothing left!:-(


Got to go in and get my Euros for holiday - so cheers for the heads up!

I doubt you'll get those for a quid!


Not sure if it was the same offer, but I got two nice men's shirts (formal, patterned), which were marked at £17 for £1. No SALE markings or anything, they just scanned as a quid, so of we went!

i think you will find these may be managers specials only if lots of stock available or mega old stock. i work for m and s definetly not a nationwide thing.

sounds briliant!! thank you for post!!

not in swansea,forestfach or llanelli either:-( ,although a few rails of half price stuff,so couldnt resists a half price dress :-D

Thanks- i got loads of bargains at Preston Deepdale store- all £1
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