Marks and Spencer Halloween Costumes - Reduced

Marks and Spencer Halloween Costumes - Reduced

Found 31st Oct 2012
Quite a few halloween costumes various sizes and prices, delivery to store is free.

Took out my 'just reduced and be quick comment' as posted yesterday


Original Poster£5£5£5£6

Lots of others have a look
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Just 364 days to go ;-)

Not just costumes and 3 for 2 promotion is taken of at checkout too

Thank you!

3 for 2 not working for me!


3 for 2 not working for me!

just worked for me on the other bits - spooky signs, lights, decorations etc but only showed up once I started going through the checkout process.

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I got 3 for 2, reduced it by 50p!

yeah you better had be quick, Halloween is over in a few hours

Will pop into tesco tomorrow and see what they have

Was a better sale last year all costumes incl adults were daughter wore the one pictured this evening ..its beautifully made and well worth the 2.00! :O) Tesco were all out in Middleton today by 4pm!

Last year I just happened to be in M&S when they reduced all Halloween costumes Halloween Hoodies/T Shirts down to 70p. Got a bag full for £6. I have 3 growing boys and enough costumes to last them a few years! They looked fab tonight and we wore the t shirts/hoodies out and about over the last week or so. Don't think I will be that lucky this year and don't really need any more.

Suspect better discounts will follow - we also got much better deals last year!

Just ordered witches costume, hat, bag and tights for £11....thanks OP thats next halloween sorted...:3

Thanks just ordered little grand daughters outfit and party bits for next year.

thanks, just ordered the witch and fairy pumpkin costume.

Thanks OP


I just ordered 4 sausage sandwiches - thanks!

Btw - my 'all trick or treaters will be shot' sign worked perfectly this year.
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thanks just got my daughters for next year love a bargain

Yey... Just in time for a funeral at the weekend.

Love you granddad...

Cheers, just ordered next years wizard costume for £6.

Thank you

Agree with other posters that last year's deals were much better. Found my email from last year and we got the red dress, werewolf costume, pirate girl dress, and mummy outfit for 9.50. But all great quality, especially the girls dresses so still a good deal at half price.

I love Marks' stuff but they dont take Visa Electron so sadly cant order.Why such a large company doesnt take all cards is beyond me


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M&S just cancelled 5 out of the 6 items I ordered, hope others have not had the same run around I have had
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