Marks and Spencer Summer Sale
Marks and Spencer Summer Sale

Marks and Spencer Summer Sale

Just so you all know Marks and Spencers Summer Sale starts on Thursday 17th July 2008.

Just to clarify the date is correct as we got told at M and S today at work wahey its my day off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look out for hundreds of bargains as they will be making way for autumn lines now also still lots of summer ranges instore.


Thanks for this! Been waiting!

Any idea what time this will start online ??? Great info !!!!

yes great news

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usually it starts the night before for priority customers i.e. those you brought before.... to be honest i think you would be better going in store as things sell out so quick online as it takes a while for the systems to update on orders i have found this before and ended up dissapointed. Im not saying it will happen i work for m and s so im not slagging them off. ive seen some nice skirts marked down at work to £5 i cant wait. as we got a bonus from m and s this month im going to put it all back intothe company x

Is this sale online aswell?

Mnay thanks for headstart - heat and repped

Thanks for the info!

Thanks, waiting for this one

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yes m and s sale is online as always and instore

ooh i cant wait to fill a basket or two

Thanks for the info, am looking foward to


....things sell out so quick online as it takes a while for the systems … ....things sell out so quick online as it takes a while for the systems to update on orders i have found this before and ended up dissapointed.....

Me too with the last online sale - ordered loads but only ended up with a couple of items which was very frustrating! The online goods tend to fly out, but stock updates were appalingly slow - hope M&S have improved things!

Oooh, Happy Birthday to Me!!!!!

Will keep a look out


Thanks for confirming it is this Thursday but do you know what time the store is going to open?

When the sale is on they usually open at 7a.m.

Many thanks

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depends on which store if you ring your local store ask them what time our store opens normal time 9am only christmas sale opens early here.

thanks for the post!

I just spoke to head office and then the slough store (M&S) both of whom were totally ignorant of the 'sale' date(!) when i asked the lady at head office about the sale and what time my local store would open, lady at head office goes ' ooh, does it [start of sale on thurs 17]? i didn't know that'.. yeah right, whatever.. anyway confirmed store still opens at 9am.. called slough store to confirm and lady claimed they do not advertise start of sale on the window displays and they themselves find out on the day!!! what planet are thses women on?..so i take it the hoards of clothes that are marked down with stickers etc are all done the night before by the special pixies on their unicorns who get called in just for the job..

anybody else know when there local store opens?

p.s., thanks op, heat and repped

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no i can assure you the markdowns have already begun on monday as i work in a m and s store


Spoke to manager in Bromley Kent Marks and he said that the shop would be open at 7 a.m. on Thursday. He first stated 8 a.m. until I asked him if that was this Thursday when he said oh sale day!! it is 7 a.m. Cannot understand all this secrecy.


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some bigger stores might open earlier ...........................
it depends when they have agreed with staff as staff dont have to work early if their not contracted to

Looks like the sale has started online already - not sign-posted on the main page, but if you do a search for "sale" then the sale page appears.

Hopefully this helps people get in before everything decent is gone by the morning.

Thanks to Mimosa Miminski for the update - the sale is now live online.

Autograph womenswear some are less than half price and some good holiday bargains
basic cotton vests are £2.00 marksandspencer.com/gp/…NXI
Lots of undies too great for stocking up so HOT!

Anyone know when this sale is likely to start online?

it already has...


it already has...

Apologies. My mistake for not reading thread. :-D

Got a bit carried away, spent just under 400. Now i need to sleep

buy now !!

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brought loads last night at midnight online bedding underwear holiday shop

even more today at work i love the bargains on home
remember if there not available online they still will be instore with other offers as i found out today
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