Marks & Spencer 3 for 2 on Kids School clothes, shoes & bags - plus free delivery & cashback if ordered online !
Marks & Spencer 3 for 2 on Kids School clothes, shoes & bags - plus free delivery & cashback if ordered online !

Marks & Spencer 3 for 2 on Kids School clothes, shoes & bags - plus free delivery & cashback if ordered online !

As above.........

3 for 2 on school stuff started !

Included are summer dresses, skirts, pinafores, trousers, shorts, socks, tights, bags, polo shirts, school shoes, jumpers and cardigans - and maybe other bits i can't remember !

I got school shorts and 2 packs of 6 pairs of socks ready for september for £11 in total !

Free delivery code is SCHOOL09 - thanks to those who posted it.


Was this instore or online as I cannot see it online?

Online now:thumbsup:

Really helpful, thankyou!

Great Deal, ive just ordered 2 Jumpers, 1 Cardigan, 2 Packs of Polo Shirts and 1 Pair of Trousers, got 3-2, free delivery and i also found a 10% off code which also worked (WEBS2575) for £12 delivered.

Thanks, been waiting for this to start.


thanks very much

great, I get mine from m&s each year and they always last the yr with plenty of wear left in them ;-)

Thanks - great deal - specially with the 10% off code that's been posted too!

Thanks for this - and the 10% code. Whole year's worth for £22! Minus school emblem jumpers :-(

wish the school would hurry up and tell me the uniform so I can get started ready for September.

I'm missing out

Thanks, great deal. plus the 10% code takes deducts on the full amount:

Item subtotal: £86.00
Delivery charges £3.50
Order Total: £89.50
TAKE VAT: £1.83
School Free Delv: £3.50
10% off: £8.60
Schoolwear 3 for 2: £28.00
Grand Total: £47.57
You saved £41.93 on this order!

This is a fab deal (3 for 2) when combined with the 10% & free delivery

wasnt going to get my kids uniforms yet but when i saw this i had to I had a fab deal on 3 pairs of school trousers with 10% off and free postage plus the 3 for 2 offer thankyou everyone for sharing :thumbsup:

Remember Quidco too!

how do you get free delivery? thanks

i got it. wow what a deal. 9 yellow school tshirts for less than a fiver!

Superb deal, saved me a fortune (twins start school in September), plus I have been to the store - most of the items in the size I need are gone, thanks a lot for posting this deal and a 10% code too.

For those who order over 25 items (they count one item even if you order a 5 pack of socks - 5 items), you can order at a time only 25 items, I have ordered more and called customer services to discount 10% of the second lot (10% code can be used only once), hence wanted to make one huge single order. Hope it makes sense. CS were VERY helpful.

What is the free delivery code plz?

EDIT: Found in MSE, code is SCHOOL09

excellent deal, placed order, heat added

Excellent thank you - just ordered stuff for both kids totally £14.25. Bargain xxx


how do you get free delivery? thanks

hiya try this SCHOOL09


(10% code can be used only once),.

I have used the 10% code twice and it worked!;-)

Brilliant Heat added.

Just ordered my daughter (she`s just away to start school) 2 Skirts, 2 Cardigans, A Summer Dress and pack of 3 Blouses. Used the 10% code plus Free Del code and got it All for just £12.33 So happy

Thanks a lot

I just searched for 'marks' and this offer did not come up. I only got my email yesterday and I checked for it last week online so they must have phased it in via areas.

Great deal, heat added. The 10% off code has now expired. But 3 for 2 and free delivery is still on until 8th September. Not sure whether to order now, or wait for another 10% off code!

WEBS2575 now expired.
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