Marley & Me [DVD] [2008] £2.99 delivered @

Marley & Me [DVD] [2008] £2.99 delivered @

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David Frankel (The Devil Wears Prada) delivers another charming comedy. Based on the hit memoir by John Grogan, Marley and Me chronicles the relationship of John (Owen Wilson) and Jen (Jennifer Aniston) as they face the challenges of marriage and work to start a family. By their side is their beloved dog, Marley, who can chew through drywall, got kicked out of obedience school, and never met a leg he didn't like. The cute pup's antics come to signify the unexpected challenges that everyone faces in adulthood, and the film is ultimately a paean to unconditional love; others may see Marley as the 'world's worst dog', but throughout it all, he proves to be the couple's most faithful friend.
Marley and Me plays like a modern day Norman Rockwell portrait with a little more bite, courtesy of the snark-friendly screenwriters and the title's wild mutt. The sets are sumptuous, with every shot lovingly lit to look like a Hallmark card. The winning lead performances help elevate the picture above its feel-good counterparts; Aniston is radiant and Wilson shows off sharp dramatic chops, giving some maturity to his loveable comedic persona. Alan Arkin gives a scene-stealing performance as Wilson's boss, and Kathleen Turner proves to be a great sport with her physically demanding cameo as Marley's obedience instructor. But in the end the picture belongs to the dogs, and for once that's a good thing. A film that keeps the audience cooing, cracking up, and crying, Marley and Me is sure to become a family favourite.


love this film. Cried soo much at the end, couldn't stop hugging my own cat and dog.


Thanks, I havent seen this myself but heard really good reports about it



Thanks, I havent seen this myself but heard really good reports about it … Thanks, I havent seen this myself but heard really good reports about it

Here is a bad one.

It is an Owen Wilson film. Dont expect much of anyone else apart from the dog.

& if you havent had a dog, grew up with a dog or own a dog now I doubt you will rate it. Apart from the sentiment there is nothing else to the film.

i don't have a dog but I still like this movie... nice one!

sorry to say the film is basically a rom com with the dog thrown in. I cant figure why they call it marley and me as the book is about the man and the dog, not the man and his girlfriend/wife. And the dog is an absolutely untrainable nutter not an slightly overexcited labrador.

Waste of two hours wating for something funny to happen

Same price at Tesco's in store

Great (but sad) film! Definately worth a watch!

I've not seen it either but I'd heard it wasn't worth seeing. At this price though I shall give it a go.

£3 in Asda too with the puppy sleeve

Been this price for ages

Awful film, save your £2.99, or give it a homeless person.


Owen Wilson is a terrible actor

The only film I've liked him in was zoolander.


Same price at Tesco's in store


£3 in Asda too with the puppy sleeve

£3 in sainsbury's too

I watched it on Sky Movies I enjoyed it. I thought it did have some funny moments the part with Kathleen Turner was funny. I thought the end was very depressing though. Personally I think it's worth a watch if your an animal lover.

Loved this film, cried like a baby tho

I am waiting for the sequel ..... it's called 'ME'

£2.95 at Zavvi, every penny counts!!
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