Marmite breadsticks, 24x30g, 99p @ B&M Retail

Marmite breadsticks, 24x30g, 99p @ B&M Retail

Found 28th Feb 2011
Box of Marmite breadsticks (24x30g) 99p B&M Retail.

30g pack 59p each elswhere.


Why the cold votes? Marmite may taste worse than beelzebub's nob cheese but this is still a steal if you like that sort of thing.

Wasn't going to vote myself as have no interest in the product, but thought I'd even it out a bit for you.

Is that the face of Jesus I can see in the picture?

I like these. Bought 4 packs for 25p each from Home Bargains on Sunday, so i'll be straight down to B&M tomorrow at lunch


these aint a full box .. they are singles

source: B&M employee

dont know price tho

Original Poster

Yes. 99p for a single box.

Source B&M shopper who bought two yesterday,

sorry 3 types of marmite stuff in stock.

these are cheap as they are discontiued from supplyer

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