Marmite Cheese Reduced To £1 @ Asda

Marmite Cheese Reduced To £1 @ Asda

Found 6th Sep 2009
You either love it or hate it.

A full packet is 100g and contains 5 cheeses each 20g each.
Normally retails for about £1.56 in my local Asda.

Fantastic when it's melted on toast. Mmmm!
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too cheesy 4 me
Great deal, yummy cheese!!!
Somebody should die for creating this monster.
I love Marmite and I love cheese...result.
So this is cheese with Marmite in it? Sounds interesting, though I would imagine spreading marmite on bread and then topping with cheese would do something similar.
This is an abomination. Like Marmite, like cheese - this made me gag
I love these
Marmite cheese !! What's next - Cheezy Peas :whistling:
squeezy cheezy peas
So wrong they need to invent a new word for it.
Worchestershire sauce works great with cheese-on-toast. I doubt marmite is as good though, even if you are a fan of it!
marmite is excelent with a nice strong cheddar, (needs to be to cope witht he marmite!) so this sounds good.

Have some heat.

Lime pickle is good with strong cheddar also, just to put you marmiphobes off even further
I like Marmite and I like cheese but these are like a dead tramps sock....:shock:
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