marstons pedigree amber ale, 5ltr keg @ home bargains £9.99

marstons pedigree amber ale, 5ltr keg @ home bargains £9.99

Found 28th Oct
They have a few of these in home bargains.
Marston's pedigree amber ale 4.5%
5ltr mini keg
this was in Talbot road in Blackpool, but all other alcohol sale stores should have them too.
not usually an ale drinker but might give it a try.


Love home bargains, they often have a better beer selection than my local Tesco, and it's much cheaper too. Will check this out later.

Good deal this. Half decent ale too. I will try our local branch.

Bought the last one the shelf in Newport Spttty.

All kegs go flat fast, not really good unless you drink the full lot in 1 sitting

Perfect for a weekend.

A good buy, but the ones in my local had a short shelf date.

If you keep it cool for 24 hours it keeps its head better and first pint is not all head.

Great deal
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