Martian Notifier - Black. £24.99 - Amazon

Martian Notifier - Black. £24.99 - Amazon

Found 22nd Jul 2016
This is the cheapest I've found the notifier for. The White and Red versions are £51.99 and £59.11 respectively.

A great way to have an analogue watch with smart features if you don't want to spend the money on a full smartwatch.

Gizmodo review it here:…ch/

LG G watch R screen protectors fit perfectly.
- polly69
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A decent smart watch i have a black and a white version but the screens get scratched sooo easy i scratched my black one within a couple of days and screen protectors are stupid money but ive found the LG G watch R fit perfectly. Hope this helps.
showing as £45.40?
Bought earlier for 24.99 delivered later next week. Great find.
has gone up to £45.40 on amazon but it's still £24.99 on​
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