Martian Notifier Smartwatch (Round) £29.99 @ Iwantoneofthose

Martian Notifier Smartwatch (Round) £29.99 @ Iwantoneofthose

Found 18th Nov 2015
Looks like a good deal if you want a smartwatch that's unintrusive with big battery life (4-10 days according to reviews). Very small display and vibration alert. 2 year battery in the actual "watch" part (so you're never left unable to tell the time if you let the smart part run out).
Seems to be Android and iOS friendly.
Free P&P.
Available in black, white and red - link is white, other colours below.
Specs in first comment.
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The Martian Notifier is an attractive, colourful analogue wristwatch with an integrated OLED readout that acts as a hands-free gateway to the world, keeping you well informed while your phone remains in a pocket, purse or backpack. This unique smartwatch gives you the ability to receive real-time alerts and notifications on your wrist. Used in conjunction with the free Martian Notifier App, you will automatically receive notifications - including Caller ID, texts, Facebook, Twitter, Weather, Email, Calendar, Instagram, Pinterest, favourite games, bank alerts, fitness stats, and any other alert your device allows. You can also initiate voice commands on your smartphone's speakerphone for uses such as "read text" while you're on the move.

Automatically receive notifications including: Caller ID, text messages, email, calendar, social media, favorite games, bank alerts, news headlines, fitness stats, and many more.
Upper Command Button
Voice Command
Lower Select Button
Bluetooth 4.0 chip
“Light Touch” vibrating notifier
Silicone band with stainless steel clasp
Built-in Lithium polymer rechargeable battery
Micro USB port for charging and firmware updates
Smartphone Integration

Pairs with iOS and Android devices
Compatible with 1000s of different apps
Trigger smartphone camera shutter remotely
Phone location alerts
Smart Notifications
Displays notifications for incoming calls, texts, email, and calendar event
Notification filters let you customize your alerts
Touch-sensitive glass to recall most recent notification
Easy-to-Read Display

1.5” OLED display
96x16 resolution
Displays notifications with text
White-on-black text can be read easily in daylight

Built-in rechargeable battery
Battery life: six days
Recharges via USB
Analog face powered by separate battery that lasts for two years
Weight: 0.75lb.
Product dimensions: 1.7” x 1.7”x 10.5”
Condition: new
1-year warranty from Martian.

iPad Air
iPad Mini
iPad (3rd Gen)
iPhone 6, 6 plus, 5s, 5c, 4s
Android Smartphones with 3.0 or later
Damn it doesn't tell you wh3n a ufo is landing
this looks pretty decent and has the novelty of actually telling the time at all times!
Bought one myself to try it out. My pebble ate too much phone battery but this might be a bit less heavy as it's Bluetooth 4 and won't try to send quite so much info over (maybe). Important note - proprietary charger - 9mm micro usb tip - normal micro usb won't reach deep enough into the watch. Banggood have a 3rd party one for about £3 but you'll be waiting a looong time to get it.
Don't forget your TCB, by the way. Mine tracked successfully.
Looks like a nice watch, might go for it even though I don't have a compatible phone. Heated.
Shame there's no way to log in via PayPal or some other method. I don't like signing up to new sites anymore.
Can you receive calls via these smart watches??
arrived today. bnib. lovely quality! we'll see what performance is like over next week.
can't receive calls as no mic, but you can screen calls using the display.
Now 29.99 so even more of a bargain!
Ordered but hasn't arrived - stock issues

Ordered but hasn't arrived - stock issues

Same here - hopefully not too long in arriving.
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