Martin Smith W-100 Acoustic Guitar £37 @ tesco eBay

Martin Smith W-100 Acoustic Guitar £37 @ tesco eBay

Found 14th Mar 2015
Guitar for £37 delivered must be a good deal?

Martin Smith W-100 Natural Acoustic Guitar Set With A Vintage Natural Finish

The full size Martin Smith W-100 acoustic guitar pack includes everything you need to get playing.

The pack includes a Martin Smith acoustic guitar with a vintage natural finish, a set of spare strings and access to online lessons.

Everything in one box
Steel Strung
Free Online Lessons
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Thanks, just ordered one.
Will make a good beginners guitar for the price however shouldn't be confused with CFMartin & co (aka Martin) who make better quality guitars & strings
Surprised the Martin lawyers are not on the case. Obvious attempt to mislead the buyer
I have always found that cheap guitars are not suitable for beginners. Beginners need a well crafted, comfortable instrument that stays in tune so they don't have to fight the shortcomings of a cheap guitar.
If you want to learn and are buying over the net I would recommend a Yamaha 310, around £100. You can get decent cheap guitars but you need to try them in the shop first. They will all be made in China, even the cheaper models of the named brands, but the really cheap ones will have a high action and generally be harder to play. Epiphone is another decent brand who sell cheapish acoustics.
Agree, it is false economy to buy too cheap as it is hard enough to learn already and a bad instrument doesn't help, you can of course get a 'cheap' guitar to sound and play great but and a big but you sorta need to know how to and as most beginners do not then no point in trying unless you know someone who can.

The Yamaha mentioned above is Yamaha's best selling guitar for a reason, good quality, good resale value (If you don't like it or move on to better things), good sound and you can get it set up to play really nice.

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It depends on the guitar i have 2 cheap guitars here one i bought for my daughter to scratch about with when she was 6 cost £19.99 from home and bargains , 6 years later i pulled it from the attic and restrung it , weirdly it sounds pretty good , the intonation is spot on at the 12th fret and the action is fine, does it sound like my Martin ? no but it sounds perfectly good in the garden i leave it in the car now and play whenever its a 3/4 so easier to ship around.

There were also a series of guitars sold in the Sue Ryder charity shops that had decent reviews cant remember the name but it began with a C maybe Chaloner or something similar.

As for the buying budget etc etc you buy what you can afford nothing buying 2nd hand can be a landmine especially if you dont know what you are looking for , loads of cracked necks out there just waiting for you to waste your money on them ,at the learning stage with little to no knowledge its better to grab something you wouldnt mind losing after that if you take to it then you invest some money in a decent guitar, i have a 5 year old 80 quid thinline acoustic done more gigs with that than anything else.
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