Martina Cole's: The Take (Complete Mini Series DVD) £6.99 + Free Delivery @ Play

Martina Cole's: The Take (Complete Mini Series DVD) £6.99 + Free Delivery @ Play

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Screenwriter Neil Biswas' (BRADFORD RIOTS) adaptation of Martina Cole's novel THE TAKE, spans 10 years of British socio-political change. The backdrop of the Thatcher era and its transition into the birth of New Labour, is particularly relevant to the drama's theme of idealised new beginnings; stemming from and resulting in a sense of disillusion.

Freddie Jackson (Tom Hardy, BRONSON, ROCKNROLLA) leaves prison in 1984, after serving 4 years for bank robbery. His loyal, if unstable, wife Jackie (Kierston Wareing, RISE OF THE FOOTSOLDIER) has waited for him on the outside, under the misguided impression that he wants to go straight. Freddie, however, is raring to get back into the game, keen on becoming king of the East End underworld. Cousin Jimmy (Shaun Evans, BOY A) is hot on his heels and, with time, rises the ranks of the quickly expanding crime empire -- eventually eclipsing Freddie himself. He also has something else Freddie covets, Jackie's younger sister Maggie (Charlotte Riley, WUTHERING HEIGHTS), and together they have a loving relationship the Jacksons can only dream of. Bitterness and jealously threaten to tear the family apart, as loyalties are brought into question, trusts are betrayed, and violence ensues. In an era of new promises and possibilities, everyone it appears, is on the take.


great find! fantastic series, great acting! heat added!

I'm still yet to watch this, been sitting on my sky hd box since it was aired, probably time I watched it!


I thought you were andywedge for a moment. :?

Great price, but though I like it - it just didn't match up to the book

If you like this also see 'The Jump' & Dangerous Lady' double DVD ... ... again Martina Cole books just as good as 'The Take'…tml

Thats come down in price quick

superb home grown crime drama....worth the price for Tom Hardy's performance alone...shame it was only on Sky....would have had rave reviews if it had been on one of the terrestrials


I really enjoy Martina's book and have just finnished 'The Jump'. Although I have not read 'The Take' yet I found the Mini Series cracking. Tom Hardy stole the show with his portrail of a Psychotic Career Criminal. The only thing I was disapointed with was it was so short. Well worth watching expecially at this price.

Does it have English subtitles?

cheers been waiting for this to go down

A disappointing production.

fabulous. I adore Tom Hardy - what a fantastic actor.


Does it have English subtitles?

hope ur not dissing the cockneys?!!:x
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