Martyrs DVD £4.99 @ Play.com + Quidco
Martyrs DVD £4.99 @ Play.com + Quidco

Martyrs DVD £4.99 @ Play.com + Quidco

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Martyrs is an incredibly disturbing experience that goes beyond the constraints of an average Horror/Thriller and into the dark psychological depths of human drama and suffering. Extremely terrifying, utterly believable, provocative and ultimately tragic, Martyrs is one of the most unforgettable films you'll ever witness.

7.0 on IMDB



didnt like it as it was dubbed from french. well its my opinion.


didnt like it as it was dubbed from french. well its my opinion.

this is the subtitled version

Harrowing movie. Unrelentingly bleak! Which is a good thing. Hot.

I'm intrigued now, may give it a go


didnt like it as it was dubbed from french. well its my opinion.

Another member who doesn´t bother to read the "Technical Details"

Languages: French - Dolby Digital (5.1)
Subtitles: English

This is TRULY UNCUT. The Region1 os only "somewhat UNCUT"

Is this on the same page as 'rec'?

Probably far worse than that.

This one was straight to DVD as it fell into that 'too foreign and far too violent for the mainstream western cinema' category like Oldboy, Ichi the Killer and Irreversable did.

I haven't seen it and I don't intend to, I've seen far too much disturbing films already.


Is this on the same page as 'rec'?

Not really this is more torture porn, which is what makes it disturbing. It is more in line with the hostel or the banned film Grotesque. In my opinion only, the story is a bit silly and the twist makes not real sense but maybe that’s the point. If you liked the more gruesome parts of “the passion of Christ” with no meaning then this is for you.

On the other hand I maybe completely wrong.


[QUOTE=category like Oldboy, .[/QUOTE]

If you watch this film in conjunction with the following it makes more sense, as they are a revenge trilogy. This film was not so violent but more odd with someone eating a live octopus but had a great twist at the end.

Sympathy for Mr Vengeance (very good film about the pointlessness of revenge)
Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (a bit stranger than the others but good revenge

the last 20-25 mins of this film made me feel the most uncomfortable watching a film ever - truely great.

Not torture porn as not porn - and there is also a reason for the torture, not just for the gratuity of it.

Hmm, I preferred Hostel to SAW as it all just seemed a bit more real (not that I like 'real' torture.. just that SAW is ludicrous), so perhaps this is for me. Might give it a go, but probably won't watch it with the mrs :P

Messed up movie! Deffo buy!!!

Complete and utter pointless drivel.

At what level do we consider this sort of thing to be entertainment?

There is no redeeming features at all about this movie. To even mention it in the same breath as something like Oldboy is an utter embarassment.

Brilliant movie.. one of my favourites ever. If you liked Hostel (as I did) this is much better

Good film!
It's not without flaws, but I found it genuinely creepy, first half was better than the second half, i think.
A bit like the Guinea Pig films, but with story!

I thought it was quite good but what the hell happened at the end?????


I thought it was quite good but what the hell happened at the end?????

I don't think anyone can answer that. We'd give the ending away then.;-)
It was a tad disappointing after the great reviews it got, but I thought it was still good.

I sat through it and felt very uncomfortable for the duration, however, there is no denying this is a classic film. It's not strictly torture porn, as it's torture for an ultimate goal (not saying I condone that by any means, I might add - this is just a film though, after all). Sadly the ultimate 'goal' is a bit of a head scratcher, and you'll be scouring the internet after watching it to find what others believe is how the ending should be perceived.

Torture porn you say? Is that legal?!?!?!

I liked the film, you think its going 1 direction, but infact its going in a complete oppersite direction and the whole reason for the torture I didnt see coming at all.

I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys foriegn horror films, atleast watch it once imo.

Great film!! Only the french make films this intense. If you havent already check out switchblade romance, Frontiers and irreversable for more sick sh*t from our french friends!! :thumbsup:


Torture porn you say? Is that legal?!?!?!

Torture for that serves no purpose but to give the watcher gratification so maybe sexless porn. horror-movies.ca/hor…tml

I thought that this was a great film. Very few films can affect me and my emotions in this way.

Very shocking, but also very well made. I bought the Blu Ray of this a month ot two back and it is a really good presentation.

Rubbish film. I'd never experienced the 'tedium' of violence until I watched this. The ending fails to deliver.

The uncut version of Haute Tension was much more shocking if that's what your after!


Torture porn you say? Is that legal?!?!?!

Not only is it legal, it's also become a mainstream genre of entertainment these days, and then they wonder why most teenagers are messed up in the head these days. :roll:


Now I Stand Alone (Seul Contre Tous) is a horse of a different … Now I Stand Alone (Seul Contre Tous) is a horse of a different colour...really goes deep into the depths of desperation, despair and pure lunacy without blatantly trying to 'shock' the audience ala Martyrs. Although I think it's been banned in the UK...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDdO5F8tlW4&translated=1

+1 Gaspar Noe really is a no compromise visionary director! I can't wait to see his new movie, the screenshots look amazing. The guy is very ahead of his time IMO. If you'd like to see "Carne" (the prequel to irreversible / I stand alone) drop me a message

As for Martyrs, I'm really not sure what to think of it. I'd hardly call it entertainment, more like a test of endurance. Nasty unrelentless violence with very little point to it, it spouts some pseudo-intellectual arty religious babble at the end but it really doesn't make up for what you sit through to get there. I preferred Frontière(s) which was almost as gruesome but far more fun!
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