Marvel Digital Comics Bundle for Free
Marvel Digital Comics Bundle for Free

Marvel Digital Comics Bundle for Free

Marvel.com offers their Marvel Digital Comics Bundle for Free when you enter code COMICDAY. As soon as you enter code digital comics are revealed.

Note: After you’ve completed the redemption you can access your digital comic in the “My Comics” section of the Marvel Comics App and the Marvel Digital Comics Shop.

Bundle Includes
All New Ghost Rider #1
Dr Strange #1
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1
Powerman and Iron Fist #1
Black Panther #1


Ah jaysus, now I have to earn another 390,000 points so Brian Michael Bendis will tweet me. Thanks a bunch, OP!

Edit : While you're on there, there's a FCBD Civil War II issue and a Civil War II Daily Bugle newspaper, both free. Both are also available from Comixology if you prefer. (Search Civil War Bugle/FCBD and scroll down to Single Issues)

edit II
Tonne of new entries on Comixology's free page! That's right, the metric kind, so it's even more than the empirical kind!
The 4 Luke Cage-related books from last week, if you haven't got them yet, plus :
make mine INDIE #2
Caliber Rounds #7
Boys Over Flowers Season 2: Chapter 34
CBLDF Defender #7
CBLDF Banned Books Week Handbook 2016
BOOM! 2016 Summer Blast (FCBD)
Attack on Titan Anthology FCBD Sampler Vol. 1
Orphelins Vol. 1: Petits soldats

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Have you a link to the website please a little bit stuck finding them

Thanks, just got em!
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