Marvel Mashers £7.50 (single box figure) Sainsburys

Marvel Mashers £7.50 (single box figure) Sainsburys

Found 25th Dec 2014
Matching Argos 2 for £15 and also take a photo of them on shelf with price ticket, take it into a toys r us and they will price match to get more choice. They had loads in Kidlington Oxfordshire all new ones and older. Cheers.


eh!!! Why would you go to Sainsburys to take a picture of the item and shelf price to then go to Toys r us for the price match? Do Toys r us give you something extra? Surely, they wouldn't price match a price label with no stock behind it. Am I missing something??

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If sainsburys don't have any your kid needs take a picture of the shelf price and show in a toys r us. Basically I'm saying you can get these for £7.50 in sainsbury or toys r us provided you can show toys r is they are that price. I have a sainsbury near me and a toys r us so it makes sense to me to add this for those who also do. If you don't have a toys r us near you then they are £7.50 in Sainsburys
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