Marvel Readers Collection - 15 Book Slipcase + Star Wars Readers DK Collection - 15 Books +  3 Piece Ceramic Avengers or Star Wars Dinner Set £25.99  Del with code @ The Book People

Marvel Readers Collection - 15 Book Slipcase + Star Wars Readers DK Collection - 15 Books + 3 Piece Ceramic Avengers or Star Wars Dinner Set £25.99 Del with code @ The Book People

Found 22nd Aug 2016
Think this is a fab deal, you get both Marvel Readers Collection - 15 Book Slipcase + Star Wars Readers DK Collection - 15 Books priced at £14.99 each for £25 combined + add another item that's over £5 & use code WEEKEND to take £5 off, ie add a 3 Piece Ceramic Marvel Avengers or Star Wars Dinner Set that are £5.99 each & get that + the 2 book sets for £25.99 Del. (will pop links in 2nd post for dinner sets + some ways to use the £8 off £40)

Obviously you don't have to choose those items, just choose anything over £30 & use the code to get £5 off or if you spend £40 you will get £8 off using same code.

5 years +

Young comic book fans will love this cool 15-book collection which stars some of the world's best superheroes including Spider-Man, Iron Man and the X-Men.

These specially designed early readers books - covering reading levels 1-4 - are filled with facts, stats and artwork that are age-appropriate for children aged 5 and over, and the books are bright and bold. They take a look at some of the Marvel characters' greatest battles, their evil adversaries and their amazing powers.

Superhero fans will be fascinated as they learn how Peter Parker developed his powers to become the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, discover the story of the X-Men, meet the Fantastic Four and the Avengers - the Earth's mightiest heroes.

With their run of hit films, Marvel continues to grow in popularity and these specially designed books will get fans reading as well as watching!

Please note this collection contains one book at reading level 1, two books at reading level 2, five books at reading level 3 and seven books at reading level 4.

Titles in this collection (15)

The X-Men School - Michael Teitelbaum

Spider-Man Worst Enemies - Catherine Saunders

Spider-Man The Amazing Story - Catherine Saunders

Meet the X-Men - Clare Hibbert

Greatest Battles - Matthew K Manning

Amazing Powers - Catherine Saunders

Spider-Man Amazing Powers - James Buckley, Jr.

X-Men How It All Began - Michael Teitelbaum

Fantastic Four Evil Adversaries - Simon Beecroft

The Story of Spider-Man - Michael Teitelbaum

Fantastic Four The World's Greatest Superteam - Neil Kelly

Avengers Assemble - Victoria Taylor::

The World's Mightiest Super Hero Team - Julia March

Iron Man Friends and Enemies - Michael Teitelbaum

The Rise of Iron Man - Michael Teitelbaum

What better way to celebrate The Force Awakens than by helping your little Jedi learn how to read with characters from the Star Wars universe?

As it moves up through the reading levels 1 to 3, this 15-book collection will answer a new Star Wars fan's questions including 'What is a Wookiee?' and introduce the likes of C-3PO, Han Solo and Darth Vader.

15 book collection covers reading levels 1-3.

Titles in this collection (15)

Luke Skywalker's Amazing Story - Simon Beecroft::Level 1

Ready, Set, Podrace! - Simon Beecroft::Level 1

Are Ewoks Scared of Stormtroopers? - Catherine Saunders::Level 1

What is a Wookie? - Laura Buller & Kate Simkins::Level 1

Who Saved the Galaxy? - Catherine Saunders::Level 1

The Adventures of Han Solo - The Adventures of Han Solo::Level 2

Bounty Hunters for Hire - Catherine Saunders::Level 2

R2-D2 and Friends - Simon Beecroft::Level 2

The Adventures of C3PO - Shari Last::Level 2

Join the Rebels - Catherine Saunders::Level 2

Death Star Battles - Simon Beecroft::Level 3

The Legendary Yoda - Catherine Saunders::Level 3

Star Pilot - Laura Buller::Level 3

Obi-Wan Kenobi - Jedi Knight - Catherine Saunders::Level 3

The Story of Darth Vader - Catherine Saunders::Level 3
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Heat for Marvel and Star Wars. Also can read many comics online for free on
Marvel Avengers Set

Star Wars Force Awakens Gift Set

or you could add the 2 book sets for £25 + one of the above sets with one of the below & use code WEEKEND

[url=ttps://…tbp?productId=620171]LEGO Star Wars: Galactic Adventures Collection - 10 Books[/url] and get ALL 4 items for £32.98 Del

Marvel: The Ultimate Superhero Collection Add this, the 2 for £25 Book Sets & a Ceramic Dinner Set, use code & get ALL 4 Items for £32.98 Del

Ultimate Star Wars as above

Marvel Comics: 75 Years of Cover Art (Hardback) as above

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Belting deal!
Finally! Books based on the movies!
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