Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 XBOX 360 £8.85 Free UK P&P

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 XBOX 360 £8.85 Free UK P&P

Found 26th Oct 2010Made hot 27th Oct 2010
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 for Xbox 360 - only £8.85 delivered.

Cheapest I've seen it - don't forget 4% quidco too.



great price i wasnt keen on the game tho

Yeah, nice price - but it's really not a great game. If you want team games like this, then I'd recommend checking out the X-Men Legends games. The MUA games are just too average to enjoy.

the first Marvel alliance game was brilliant - and better than X men ones (which were also great).
this one is dreadful!!! generic levels, not very good character roster and the team up powers are a waste of space - very very dissapointing and a big step back after the first one with it's great level, fighting Galactucus, Atlantis, Asgard etc. Skip this until it's a fiver.

really liked the look of this game, rented it out, got to say it is just terrible. Only a young kid would enjoy this.

Think the people saying this is bad haven't had the joy of MUA2 on the THAT is a massive step back. Was enjoying it much more on the Xbox...but sadly that is at home and I'm not. For less than £9 you can't go wrong really. With all these games its much, much better on multi-player as well.

up to 10.85 now
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