Marvel Unlimited - 1 month for $0.99

Marvel Unlimited - 1 month for $0.99

Found 24th Jul 2014
Get one month full access to marvel unlimited for $0.99/69p - normally $9.99/£6.99 per month. All you need to do is enter the code SDCC14 at the checkout to get the offer

Gives you access on your tablet or smart phone to a catalogue of 13000+ comics... Good chance to brush up on guardians of the galaxy before the film comes out
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Part of my comment has been chopped..
You will need to cancel before your 1 month renewal date or it will auto renew and take $9.99 from your credit/debit card. If you do want to renew go with the annual pass, as at $69.99 it's 40% cheaper then paying per month over a year
Can you view comics on you computer too or is it just tablets/phones
I saw this email and its a great deal, but as you said, you have to remember to cancel but I'll be taking them up on the offer. Have some heat!
wowzers! Amazing deal!
Says U.S. only?
Pity its for US residents only
If it becomes available in the UK as well, I'd pay the $69 a year for this
Might have to take this up
i'm registered on and pay for all my comics in dollars so this probably works ok. I'll check later

Pity its for US residents only

While it says "US residents only" the only real restriction is the annual pass plus because of the posted items. Many people in the UK pay the subscription and use it. I've just signed up and it works fine. Can confirm the bill says 99c and not $9.99. They even have a "Great Britain" address option when filling in your payment details so it's not like you are being shady or underhand. The only things to note are that you have to use a credit card not a debit card and you will be hit by currency conversion fees. Theoretically they could decide to bump your account at any time citing "US residents only". If they decide to officially roll out a horribly neutered version in the UK they may do so.
I don't think it's meant to be limited to the U.S. at all, so nothing dodgy. The only mention I see is "Marvel Unlimited Plus is available in the U.S. only.". Marvel Unlimited Plus is the $99 Annual Plus package which comes with physical rewards I think (presumably, they don't want to post them worldwide?).

I would advise not using a password that is dear to you when creating an account. When you hit the 'Forgot my Password' button and enter your email, they email you your password back - which means it's stored either in plaintext or in a way that's easy to turn back into a password. ie. Almost definitely insecurely. At least they don't also hold your credit card data... Oh wait...

I'm still going to try it though! I've been eager to try out the Unlimited Package since it came out, but didn't want to spend loads on it if I didn't like it! Thanks for the heads up.

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I've signed up (although I found out about the offer in the tech blogs). I think the Marvel site might be oversubscribed as it is crawling.
For anyone this applies to... the app works fine on iOS 8 Beta 4.

Can you view comics on you computer too or is it just tablets/phones

Just on tablet & phone devices atm from what i can see..

Just on tablet & phone devices atm from what i can see..

In reality a 9" or bigger tablet is the only thing comfortable enough to read comics on.
Anything less is too small and you'll constantly zoom
Reading on a pc isn't fun
Reading on a laptop? Unless it's ultra light
Done, you can purchase from the uk, woo, keeps me busy at work for the quite month ahead.
Just signed up. This reminds me of the early days of torrents, there was nothing like Netflix around so it was easier to get stuff illegally than legally, as soon as that changed things like Netflix, etc took off

It could be because I'm new to this but the process of getting a comic to read seems so slow it's still far faster and easier to use a torrent

On that note, anyway you can add a series to your library rather than a single comic?
Had this for a few days now, can also confirm it works in the uk

Not bad for 59p (plus about a £1 extra id you bank with lloyds as they charge orders abroad)
Just found this but it's now expired

This promotion has expired.
It's worth it, I'll be going with the $69.99 a year once this is over (£3.46 a month)
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