Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Xbox One £14.99 @ Sainsbury’s

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Xbox One £14.99 @ Sainsbury’s



PS4 version also £14.99, great deal
Skank-hunt4226th Nov 2017

PS4 version also £14.99, great deal

You’ll 100% right. I’ve just edited the post
BuzzDuraband4 m ago

Removed PS4 bud. Posted here: …Removed PS4 bud. Posted here:

Fair enough pal thank you
Good find if it's in stock in store. Looking at £7 delivery from the website with a minimum £25 spend
Will definitely be looking for this when I next go

I know it wasn't that well received

Shame the Collectors Edition isn't substantially cheaper, I like the look of the statues
Just been to my local

Don't even stock it anymore
Just checked Westwood Cross to and they didn't have it for either console.
If you order something to take over £15 to get free delivery then you can just return to store.
None in my local sadly but great find if you can get it
Sainsburys is certainly terrible as I ordered this game. Got cancellation without no updates. Now customer service is only interested in giving me phone numbers of local stores for me to call them up for items I have ordered online!
Apparently, if you order an item, it is based on what the fulfillment store in your area is got.
This is actually stupid as it is simply better to call the store to confirm or reserve than to be waiting for days only to be told it is out of stock.
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