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500 Star wars Comics added to Marvel U app, 1 month free code
Found 15th Apr 2015Found 15th Apr 2015
500 Star wars Comics added to Marvel U app, 1 month free code
500 Star Wars Legends Comics (the Dark Horse ones, no they are not cannon) have been added to the Marvel Unlimited App for reading on Tablets, you can download up to 12 to read off… Read more

I asked already on another forum but can codes stack? there's also a free month code "ultron" (I think)


And it won't let me sign up now. Says problem with billing address but no other details. Have tried different browsers and emailed Marvel support. Guess this one's not for me


“Mmm. Lost a website, Master Obi-Wan has. How embarrassing.”


Think this offer has taken their systems down, all I get is internal server error when trying to sign up to Marvel U


Hard to not read all posts after that like that now.

Marvel Digital Comics - Unlimited Access Deal 45p
Found 2nd Dec 2014Found 2nd Dec 2014
Marvel Digital Comics - Unlimited Access Deal 45p
Hey Guys, First Deal posted so take it easy on me :D are doing a deal for the next few days where u can get unlimited access to their entire online comic book collectio… Read more
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Dammit. Looks like I've missed this deal by hours/minutes. Code has expired. So annoying as i've been planning to subscribe. .


Heat purely for recommending Marvel Zombies, I wasn't keen on the later series but I really enjoyed the first few.


If you can be bothered you can gift this deal to yourself and keep the codes ready to use each month. Found this on neogaf... "You'll need 2 emails, one associated with the service and one not. You sign up for your account now at 75c, then at the very bottom on the right is a little graphic saying you can give the service as a gift. Select that, choose monthly, then go to payment and you can apply the code again. Enter the gift recipient email as your other email account. You can only buy one at a time, which sucks, but you can do it 11 times and have 11 on deck waiting for you." It took me a little time to get it sorted out but I now have codes to last me for a year for $9…sweet.


Well, that's nice. On the other hand maybe I'm trying to highlight the fact that you might wind up paying an extra 200% over the whole point of this deal, which has a main pull of being super cheap, <£1. Pretty common thing to do on a deals website.... On here, people know about the PO card, use them when they go on holiday etc. instead of exchanging cash. I'm not trying to look cool (it's a free credit card), but hey, if your delusions brighten your day, you enjoy them....


Danny Lee you're my hero. I was gonna buy this anyway for xmas holiday at my folks house.

MARVEL INHUMANS ISSUE #1 Digital comic download. - Free
Found 18th Nov 2014Found 18th Nov 2014
MARVEL INHUMANS ISSUE #1 Digital comic download. - Free
If your any type of comic book you'll appreciate this read with the film recently announced. Use code BLACKBOLT after adding item to cart and it will deduct the total from your ba… Read more
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still not working...?


I'm sorry folks it looks like there is an error with the code. According to thier twitter they are aware of it, for now though if someone could expire this I'd appreciate it :(

A nope,not working!


Doesn't work for me either


nor me :(

Free digital marvel comic. Age of ultron #1
Found 17th Nov 2014Found 17th Nov 2014
Free digital marvel comic. Age of ultron #1
Great and relevant comic to read, I've read this and recommend to anyone. enter code ULTRON at checkout to get price deducted. Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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Not working




Ok, thanks.


Tks. grabbed all three :) anymore free comic?


this is an online downland so you log into your marvel comic account and it can be viewed offline / online on any tablet / phone etc

Age Of Ultron #1 digital comic FREE today only!
Found 24th Oct 2014Found 24th Oct 2014
Age Of Ultron #1 digital comic FREE today only!
Psst - we're giving you the #AgeOfUltron #1 digital comic FREE today only! Use code ULTRON:

Managed to get it, lucky its still the 24th in USA when its near 5 AM In UK on 25th.


Thanks OP


Thanks, looks interesting


Worth it for free although the series is a bit of a mess.


Cheers, good read!

Marvel Unlimited - 1 month for $0.99
Found 24th Jul 2014Found 24th Jul 2014
Marvel Unlimited - 1 month for $0.99
Get one month full access to marvel unlimited for $0.99/69p - normally $9.99/£6.99 per month. All you need to do is enter the code SDCC14 at the checkout to get the offer Gives yo… Read more
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It's worth it, I'll be going with the $69.99 a year once this is over (£3.46 a month)


Just found this but it's now expired :/ This promotion has expired.


Had this for a few days now, can also confirm it works in the uk Not bad for 59p (plus about a £1 extra id you bank with lloyds as they charge orders abroad)


This helps a little


Just signed up. This reminds me of the early days of torrents, there was nothing like Netflix around so it was easier to get stuff illegally than legally, as soon as that changed things like Netflix, etc took off It could be because I'm new to this but the process of getting a comic to read seems so slow it's still far faster and easier to use a torrent On that note, anyway you can add a series to your library rather than a single comic?

4x Free Digital Marvel Comics via *USE CODE* ...2 more codes added
Found 4th Mar 2014Found 4th Mar 2014
4x Free Digital Marvel Comics via *USE CODE* ...2 more codes added
In conjunction with TedX Marvel are giving away a pack of 4 recent(ish) #1's focusing on the younger super-hero's. Add the "All-New Marvel Now! Teen Heroes" to cart and at checkou… Read more
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Bonus Free Comic (didn't think it worth a new post). This time via use code CXBATMAN to get the first issue of Batman '66 for free! [img][/img] Bonus Bonus Free Comic. use the code DEADPOOL to get a free copy of Deadpool: The Gauntlet Infinite Comic #1 [img][/img] Tons more free comics at Comixology here also.


Use Marvel's app (Android or iOS) or you can read them in your web browser.


*seem to read them


I can't see to read them. I get error message. Which app do we download to read them


Love it. Cheers. Heat added

Marvel Chess collection Issue 1(Spider-man) only £2.99 (normally £8.99) at WHSmiths ETC
Found 29th Dec 2013Found 29th Dec 2013
Marvel Chess collection Issue 1(Spider-man) only £2.99 (normally £8.99) at WHSmiths ETC
A new fortnightly series offering the comic fan and chess lover alike the chance to collect a unique chess set, featuring some of the greatest and most loved Marvel characters Issu… Read more

Just checked board is £29.99 unless you subscribe. Plus will take 64 weeks to complete. Wow the value is out of this world.


Well done.


Wow £282 for a chess set. What about the board is that free?. Lol. Sucker.


But if you want to actually play Chess with the set - you need to spend.. @£270?



Today Only! Marvel Unlimited Buy One Get One Free! - £43
Found 20th Dec 2013Found 20th Dec 2013
Today Only! Marvel Unlimited Buy One Get One Free! - £43
Buy One Get One Free on Marvel Unlimited digital subscriptions I've got a yearly one, and am pleased with it as I've been catching up on the last 10 years of their titles for abou… Read more
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Avengers Vs X-Men Digital Comic Sale @ Marvel Entertainment
Found 2nd Dec 2013Found 2nd Dec 2013
Avengers Vs X-Men Digital Comic Sale @ Marvel Entertainment
Online is in $ But the app price is in pence! Also I have a code for annual membership saving $30 - CYBER13 Includes the groundbreaking AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #1 INFINITE COMIC at th… Read more

Your right! On the Marvel app I love reading the 'older' comics! A few of them are free :)


It's understated but it's the main reason I bought an iPad Mini retina (Comic reading) Nice to see them getting some heat!


nice too see something a little different

Marvel Issue #1 & #2 $0.99 sale less than 99p digital comics @ comicstore
Found 19th Jun 2013Found 19th Jun 2013
Marvel Issue #1 & #2 $0.99 sale less than 99p digital comics @ comicstore
I know they give away some titles but these are different ones Among others: Hawkeye House of M Fear Itself Gambit Fantastic Four Deardevil Deadpool Carnage USA Civil War Captain A… Read more

That's not the right spelling of 'deer' either, so it's probably more like a devil who sends flowers and chocolates to his friends. Or something like that...:D


Hawkeye i thought was cool and recommend to everyone (sorry mature readers only, so will only apply to approx 9 people on hukd). will look out for deardevil - is this something to do with bambi gone bad?:p also look out for the NICE comic expo in sept!

Marvel #1 Promotion is back! - Over 700 free first issue comics for PC, Android and iOS
Found 8th Apr 2013Found 8th Apr 2013
Marvel #1 Promotion is back! - Over 700 free first issue comics for PC, Android and iOS
After crashing under the heavy demand of the offer first time around. This offer will be going back up on Thursday 11th April. Great chance to get hundreds of free comics. By signi… Read more
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A super offer. Cheers. YNWA


Do these stay in your 'purchased' section on the site? I don't want to have to download 700 comics! oO


i wouldnt worry dil, i signed up pretty early but only got mine today, just got all the 724 comics + 2 that are normally free. Suprised this deal is not hotter. cant beat 726 free comics!


Still nothing, I doubt I'll get an email now. Damn :|


Great, got all 724!

Free Marvel Comics Online (inc Spiderman & X-Men)@ comicstore
Found 28th Mar 2013Found 28th Mar 2013
Free Marvel Comics Online (inc Spiderman & X-Men)@ comicstore
You can read comics from some of your favourite Marvel action heroes online on the Marvel website. Free comics are unploaded to the site on a regular basis, with stories featuring… Read more
Free Marvel comics to download from Marvel app
Found 26th Mar 2013Found 26th Mar 2013
Free Marvel comics to download from Marvel app
free marvel comics. awesome app. readsv just like a comic. excellent graphics! Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

That is why it is posted in Freebies and not as a deal.


Not voted as this isn't really a deal. It's always got Free issues

Thor son of Asgard WAS £2.99 NOW free
Found 6th Sep 2012Found 6th Sep 2012
Thor son of Asgard WAS £2.99 NOW free
Grab it quick as it won't last long. Captain america is also free.
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Already posted also.


probably should say what this is Digital comic by the looks of it.

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online game
Found 12th Jan 2012Found 12th Jan 2012
Marvel Super Hero Squad Online game
Not sure if this is technically a freebie but for those Marvel fans not yet signed up the Marvel superhero squad online game is FREE to play in the UK. There's the usual extra cost… Read more

Silkhuk has a good post going with lots of free to play online games


Been playing for the last hour and a bit. Good fun. Missions can be bought using in-game currency that can be earnt. Paid membership gives you access to more heroes and missions.

2 Hardcover Graphic Novels (X-Men & Iron Man), plus limited edition Mug AND Hulk DVD for £6.99 @ Marvel Digital Comics
Found 5th Jan 2012Found 5th Jan 2012
2 Hardcover Graphic Novels (X-Men & Iron Man), plus limited edition Mug AND Hulk DVD for £6.99 @ Marvel Digital Comics
This is a very good deal if you are prepared to take out a subscription and then cancel it? There is a new fortnightly publication out featuring Marvel Hardcover graphic Novels (Is… Read more
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well I have just cancelled no problem! Admittedly the first time I rang I was on hold for about 7 minutes and then got cut off, but I just re-dialed and got through and told them I wished to cancel and they said ok - simple! They even said that the last 2 books (issues 4 & 5) were already in transit and they offered me the choice of returning them or keeping them. Quite like the books actually and was in two minds wheter to quit.......


Just a warning to others, these guys make it almost impossible to cancel. Trying to call them on their "customer services team" (I use the term loosely) but have been disconnected after about 5 minutes holding. I have cancelled the direct debit but I bet they keep sending the magazines. I have also sent emails via the website but I can't keep any evidence of that as its via their website so no paper trail - quite crafty!


Wow, I just got a really grovelly phone call from them saying that they've been swamped with emails and calls recently and that they're trying to work their way through them, but my subscription has definately been cancelled. I think it helped that I told them I'd reported them to trading standards, so if anyone else encounters similar problems, mention trading standards and see if that helps.


I cannot get this subscription cancelled. I've emailed numerous times, plus I sent them a letter about two weeks ago and I've had no response at all. I did trying phoning the number on the website, but gave up after 15 minutes of waiting (at 10p a minute it's a lot less of a good deal if it costs you a fortune in phone calls to cancel). I did try finding alternate numbers on "Say no to 0870", but on getting through I was told I had the wrong number and that they didn't publish the magazine I was trying to cancel. Any ideas?


No, but I have a letter in the post confirming my subscription, and again they emphasise very clearly THAT YOU ARE FREE TO CANCEL AT ANY TIME AND KEEP THE GIFTS. I'm planning on getting issues 2 & 3 for £6.99 (plus the free gifts) then getting the next 2 issues (4 & 5) for £19.98 as I quite fancy these two titles; Ultimates & Spider-man birth of Venom.( I should get a pair of bookends as well!) I will then cancel as issues 6 & 7 are Thor & Captain America which just don't float my boat.

1 Month's Free SUbscription to Marvel Comics online
Found 16th Jun 2011Found 16th Jun 2011
1 Month's Free SUbscription to Marvel Comics online
Marvel Comics have an online subscription service. For the first month, it normally costs $9.99, but if you apply the coupon code CAP734 - it discounts it to zero. You don't even h… Read more
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So what and who are they going to bill? All they have is an email address and username - I wasn't stupid enough to give them any credit card info.


Great find OP!!! Cheers!!!


Still working, make sure you don't paste a space in at the end of the promo code.


i entered the code CAP734 but it said the promo code does not exist :(


Sweet, thanks. Heat added.

Marvel Unlimited Comics for 1 Year, New Subscriptions Only - $41.92 (with code) @ Marvel
Found 2nd May 2011Found 2nd May 2011
Marvel Unlimited Comics for 1 Year, New Subscriptions Only - $41.92 (with code) @ Marvel
Marvel Unlimited lets you read a huge number of Marvel comics online for a mnthly or annual subscription. Doesn't cover 100% of their back catalogue, and you'll wait a while for cu… Read more

dang, had been looking for a 30% off code too ;( expired now


And I guess you're a real Goody-Two-Shoes I take it?


yeah stealing things does generally work out cheaper (_;)


Good find


Hmmm......ComicZeal on iTunes store is £4.99 and that will read ALL comics which are (very) easily available if you know where to look.

Unlimited access to Marvel Digitial comics, $9.99 a month, thousands of comics
Found 9th May 2009Found 9th May 2009
Unlimited access to Marvel Digitial comics, $9.99 a month, thousands of comics
They have a special introductory price at the moment and it seems quite cheap when you can read about 5000 comics online. also the viewer they use is very cool, especially the smar… Read more

Agree with Magneto? At times I sympathise with him especially when he espouses peaceful co-existence between humans and mutants but most of the time he seems to be a supremacist and terrorist who wants enforce mutant superiority over all humanity, can't agree with that.


I used to be a comic collector. Till i discovered i am not particularly interested in saving cmics over 30 years, in hopes they would go up in price and demand, and spend on storage and all that, only to find theyre useless because the storylines and comic titles have gone long obsolete - not to mention no one reads comics anymore. SO now i just et electronic comics. Not many of thse either because i have seen and heard everything i ned to on wolvrine sagas. I am sick and tired of watching jean grey die over and over again, professor x turn evil over and over again. Plus i agree with magneto's version of the world, and really cannot stand or empathise with the bleeding heart x-men losers. DC, image and other comic companies are simply to be ignored.


I had a subscription for ages, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I ended up urm... sourcing digitally... comics in the CBZ and CBR formats due to the gaps in series, they'd have say 2,3,4,10,12,15,16,17 etc. Then, when I cancelled my subscription they continued to bill me for months before I noticed. BAD IDEA, I'd suggest staying well clear. Sorry OP.


They used to have a free service years ago. I think I still have those saved somehwere. I remember reading them while at uni. I think it was around the time the Ultimate universe started. Great deal but I don't read comics much anymore and don't feel too guilty downloading a few now and then.:whistling:


They will really have to get up to date if they want to stop people just downloading CBZ files of the most recent comics.

250 free online comic samples from Marvel Digital Comics
Found 19th Nov 2007Found 19th Nov 2007
250 free online comic samples from Marvel Digital Comics
Pretty neat way to check out the Digtal Comics service from Marvel: "We've created online versions of your favorite Marvel comics from the original files used to print them. "Our… Read more

I'll vote this hot, since Marvel are stepping up and realising they can get more money out of this neat idea, and even with the can get thousands of comics from decades ago. BUT, I do dislike using the flash option to view these. If you're okay with that, then fine, go nuts. But I'm a fan of using the program GonVisor, and getting my comics elsewhere. So that way, you can (not so legally) download em...and if you like it, you buy it. Until Marvel steps this up a notch, and we're able to view these in a different format I'll be onto these within seconds. For anyone who can tolerate the flash, then this is super.


or just check comic book trackers, theres loads out there


Voted hot. If you actually wanted the 250 digital comics you would of actually registered. Its not like you have to pay or anything. I just registered and now they email me all the offers.


Yes - You have to register your details to read the comics - name, email address, set a username and password - you don't need to pay anything or sign away your firstborn child, so don't be too worried - its all pretty standard stuff for using a website..... Thanks to the OP :thumbsup:


Yeah, I suppose it would be a rather limited experience if you didn't sign up for an account at :) For those who do ]register, it's pretty cool. I'd say it's worth the minute's registration process to access the free comics :)