Marx Brothers 6 dvd Box Set - £17.62 delivered!
Marx Brothers 6 dvd Box Set - £17.62 delivered!

Marx Brothers 6 dvd Box Set - £17.62 delivered!

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Details: Classic comedy films from the Marx brothers including 'A Night At The Opera', 'A Day At The Races', 'A Night In Casablanca', 'The Big Store', 'At The Circus' and 'Go West'.


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This hysterical outing turns the boys loose in a sanitarium. Groucho moves up in life from ministering to horses at the track to minding the hypochondriacal ills of patients such as those of the inimitable Ms. Dumont. The film is considered one of the Marx Brothers' best.


Under the inspired supervision of the boy genius Irving Thalberg, the script was penned by two of Hollywood's wittiest screenwriters, George Kaufman and Morrie Ryskind; the production values are substantially greater than in previous Marx Brothers works and the humour is honed from the surreal to a pointed attack on the lifestyles of the wealthy. The circus-like stateroom scene is among the funniest in movie history. Harpo's performance of the hit song "Alone" is perhaps his finest harp solo. Directed by Sam Wood, A NIGHT AT THE OPERA was the Marx Brothers' greatest commercial and critical success.


The Marx Brothers save a mortgaged circus by convincing a Newport socialite to buy it for one show only. It may be past prime time for Marx films, but it's tough to beat a rousing rendition of "Lydia the Tatooed Lady."
GO WEST (1940):
The way the west wasn't won. The Marx Brothers mess with manifest destiny when they head to the Wild West with the railroad. Late for the Brothers, but there's always a laugh or two.

Groucho, Harpo and Chico turn a big department store upside down as New York detectives trying to foil the hostile takeover of the store and prevent a murder. lots of fun watching the Brothers turn the emporium into their own private playground, and this was the final film in which Groucho and Margaret DuMont appear together.


In their last film together, the Marx brothers pull out all the stops. A Nazi treasure is hidden inside of a Casablanca Hotel, and three hotel managers in a row have died suspiciously, just as Ronald Kornblow (Groucho Marx) is hired to become the hotel's new manager. Meanwhile, Nazis are afoot with plans to make Kornblow the fourth victim, intending to trap him through the allure of a beautiful woman. Chico plays Rusty, the valet for the head Nazi, who overhears the plan, and teams up with businessman Corbaccio (Chico) to save Kornblow from the femme fatale. Rusty and Corbaccio tend to be a bit overzealous in the protection of Kornblow, providing for some hilarious moments. Soon Rusty finds the treasure, but the trio is thrown into prison before he can claim it. From hereon in the Brothers' slapstick, surreal humour really gets going, providing bigger and better laughs as A NIGHT IN CASABLANCA races toward its extremely silly climax.[/LEFT]


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