Marx Brothers Box Set [6dvd] £14.98 @ AmazonUK

Marx Brothers Box Set [6dvd] £14.98 @ AmazonUK

Found 7th Jan 2009
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Classic comedy films from the Marx brothers including 'A Night At The Opera' 'A Day At The Races' 'A Night In Casablanca' 'The Big Store' 'At The Circus' and 'Go West'. A Night At The Opera (1935) The Marx Brothers turn Mrs. Claypool's opera into chaos in their efforts to help two young hopefuls get a break. It contains the famous scene where Groucho Chico and Harpo cram a ship's stateroom with wall-to-wall people gags one-liners musical riffs and two hard-boiled egg .............
....Directed by: Sam Wood, Charles Riesner
Starring: The Marx Brothers, Diana Lewis

Publisher: Warner Home Video | Released: 23 August 2004 | Runtime: Unknown
List Price: £59.99, Our lowest price: £14.98

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