Mary Poppins Christmas Jumper £21.99 at Merchoid

Mary Poppins Christmas Jumper £21.99 at Merchoid

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Posted 8th Oct
Decided since my dad bangs on about Mary Poppins being a classic film (along with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang) he will now receive this prestigious garment available in sizes
XS 34-36” Chest/Size 10
S 36-38” Chest/Size 12
M 38-40” Chest/Size 14
L 40-42” Chest/Size 16
XL 42-44” Chest/Size 18
XXL 44-46” Chest/ Size 20

Mary Christmas! This year it’s gonna be poppin"

• Someone who flies through the sky using magic, has loads of songs and brings joy to children…sounds a lot like another jolly fella we know who appears every December

• The ideal gift for every Poppins fan in your life, just don’t get them started on all the reasons why Julie Andrews is better than Emily Blunt

• Also a staple in Yondu’s wardrobe because he is, as we know, “Mary Poppins y’all”

• Bonus points to anyone who can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious backwards

• Not included: spoonful of sugar, dancing penguins or magical flying umbrella

• Now, enough chit chat, let’s all bundle up in our sweaters and go fly a kite!

• Officially licensed by Disney Materials: Acrylic
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Your dad's right - two of the best films ever made!
neatpete08/10/2019 15:26

Your dad's right - two of the best films ever made!

That’s sounds just like him haha
Now I just need to find him a chimney sweep brush to go with incessant singing at Christmas time
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