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Found 19th Oct 2009
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epic historical tv mini-series in which jewish zealots hold out against the superior numbers of the roman army. 70 years after the crucifixion, jerusalem finally falls to roman rule, with the remaining rebels withdrawing to the heavily fortified mountain stronghold of masada, south of the city. safe in their new surroundings, the rebels, led by eleazar ben jair (peter strauss), make life difficult for the occupying forces, conducting sporadic raids, spoiling supply stores, and generally causing as much grief as possible. the roman general in charge, cornelius flavius silva (peter o'toole), eager to end the stalemate, calls on siege expert rubrius gallus (anthony quayle) to find a way to breach the fortress. gallus settles on constructing a giant ramp to finally end the rebellion, the construction of which proves to be long and deadly, as the rebels pour down arrows on the helpless workers. finally the stage is set for the final onslaught when a huge battering ram is dragged into place.

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