Masada [DVD] Complete Mini Series £3.95 delivered @ Base
Masada [DVD] Complete Mini Series £3.95 delivered @ Base

Masada [DVD] Complete Mini Series £3.95 delivered @ Base

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Fantastic mini series - not seen it this cheap before

In the first century A. D., Flavius Silva (Peter O'Toole), commander of the Roman Tenth Legion in Palestine, leads his forces in combat against the remaining Jewish Zealots who have taken refuge in the seemingly impregnable fortress of Masada. There the engineering and military might of Rome faces the passion and ingenuity of Eleazar ben Yair (Peter Strauss) and his people.



DAMN DAMN DAMN - Just paid nearly double this a fortnight ago at Amazon.
Heat added (through gritted teeth)

All the Romans are played by Englishmen, all the Jewish Zealots are played by Americans. Thereby making the Romans the good guys in my book ! X)
Interesting part early on with a play done for the high ranking Senators and Vespasian and his sons, show the caricature of an Egyptian - knees knocking and the Emperor and senators say "Just like an Egyptian !" then a BLUE man is led in "A Blue man ???" says Vespasian "Oh, yes, a Briton !" and is made to get to his knees like the Egyptian. The jew caricature is led in, complete with prayer shawl, and refuses to get to his knees, thereby mocking the emperor. A furious Titus (the next emperor - the one who finished the Colosseum) and his younger brother Domitian (the emperor after HIM) are told to cool it by Vespasian
Good writing.


I remember this being on the telly when I was little. Very good series. The 'blue' will be woad - the stuff the ancient Britons used to paint themselves with. Very tempted, but I have a pile of unwatched films to get through already. It's like having homework sometimes.
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how old is this

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how old is this

1981 LINK and LINK
bit more info here
And it's really good

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It a great story, but google masada and pig bones, for some more info
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