Mass Effect 2 [PC] £7 HMV (Instore Only)

Mass Effect 2 [PC] £7 HMV (Instore Only)

Found 2nd Sep 2010Made hot 2nd Sep 2010
Just popped to HMV and noticed Mass Effect 2 available at the gobsmacking price of £7.00.

Shame I already own it as it's a ludicrous price for such a great game.


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Heat added.

Cracking price for an awesome game - have some heat

gutted just bought it for £9 from currys

Does this game require Steam? Can the key be added to a Steam account?

Amazing game, a steal at this price.
Already have it myself, but here have some heat.

great game, heat added

Voted hot. Great if it's in your local stores. Worth taking a look anyway as the sale isn't bad. I saw Stoked for the 360 for £8 new (same price used). Fantastic snowboarding game.

That's me off to HMV first thing tomorrow! Very hot!

Mercy, that's cheap! I really ought to start playing the first one though...


Mercy, that's cheap! I really ought to start playing the first one … Mercy, that's cheap! I really ought to start playing the first one though...

My comment exactly.... ; )

Finally a good use for my Waterstones/HMV voucher..

Have some heat mate, it's a scorcher.
Now, how the hell am I get to an HMV before they sell out?

Not too sound too much of a cheap skate here but remember PC World will price match and beat by 10%..... so could be essentially £6.30.

Only problem i have is that i'd use 70p getting to pc world in petrol!

By the way, awesome deal, heat added, and even if no one can get that one then currys at £9 is also good!

very nice, sure hope its the same here, and im down in town in an hour anyway so ill have to pick it up

heated added even if its not here, just for it being so awesome

Super hot! Best game I have played this year

Just got back, not in my store still £20

but for those of you who can get it should definatly get it

Was by currys today and asked them to price match it with hmv - they didnt beat it by the 10% but they did price match it at £7. They phoned the Maidstone store of HMV (in Kent) to check stock so they definately have some. Well chuffed, game looks awesome! Definate thanks to the op!

went into the Lincoln branch today & was informed they dont even stock PC games there anymore!

I got one from Oxford St. ( the Bond St. one ) today. There was one more left on the shelf ( ground floor, at the back ).

Lots in Southampton branch today.

Epic price
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