Mass Effect 2 (Xbox 360) £4.98 @ Game
Mass Effect 2 (Xbox 360) £4.98 @ Game

Mass Effect 2 (Xbox 360) £4.98 @ Game

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Hello this would be my first deal so appologies if I cocked anything up.

Pick this up earlier in Game in Brighton (both stores had it on this offer) and thought it was such a bargain.

I know there was one for Currys/PC World for a similar price but, thought as it was 3 weeks ago that was posted they might have sold out.

This is also available online too but it won't let me edit the direct link so here it is http://www.game.co.uk/Games/Xbox-360/Role-Playing/Mass-Effect-2/~r342328/?s=mass+effect+2


good price but i suspect it is one of those store specific deals.

Just saw this very deal at the High Street Kensington Branch. One Absolute Bargain definitely one of if not the best Game of the year. In addition they also had Mass Effect 1 for 4.98 also in the pre owned section so for £10 you have got 2 amazing games

Is this new or pre-owned?

it was new when I saw it. I think preowned was £7.98

great game great price HOT

Might have a look for this today.

Awesome game imo!!

hot hot hot if you can get your hands on it

gutted, got this for my stepson on tuesday from asda and paid £15

great game, great deal

is this nationwide? voted hot for the deal for people in your area, but if it is nationwide should get very very hot. I'm just about to start playing on the first mass effect, but will pick this up if i can.

Store specific.

I work at GAME, this deal isn't on. We did this about 5 weeks ago and even then it was when bought with.

Amazing game, voted game of the year at many game awards. They have it in the Stafford store too, the guy said they believe it to be nationwide

Absolute steal at this price worth far more hot!

Original Poster

The game is brand spanking new and factory sealed (hence the big shiney bit in the picture).

The bloke who sold it to me wasn't too pleased as apparently he bought it a week or two ago for £25.

It seems like it is nationwide as someone from somewhere else has seen it.

Hotttt!! Also, one of the best RPG's ever, if not one of the best games ever, definitely recommended playing the first one though before this one.

My local Currys had this of £4.97, so worth checking there if you're looking for it.

DLC is cheap at the mo too (or was)!

Wow. What a bargain!
I have this game and i've played well over 40+ hours.
Theres so much to do, (if you stick to the side quests)
Main story is about 20 hours long

its online too!

great game at a great price, thanks

Fantastic, thanks for posting this. Had £6 of reward vouchers to spend so a complete freebie. Happy New Year!

Couldn't resist at this price, just ordered. Hot, Hot, HOT!!

God i hate this website.
Another item bought i had no intension of buying

Great spot and I grabbed mine an hour ago.
Had some left in The Bull Ring.

click and collect why when postage is free on the web site help my head hurts oO

Thank you - ordered! Great 1st post!


click and collect why when postage is free on the web site help my head … click and collect why when postage is free on the web site help my head hurts oO

Becasuse maybe people dont want to wait 2 days for the post, so they reserve one to pick up.

Hot hot hot! Just bought even though I haven't even got round to playing the first yet!

Smoking hot!!

woo what a deal

Absolute bargain - just bought one!

Picked this up myself in Broughton (nr Chester)

Cool dont know if i will ever play it but ordered it anyway.:p

Been waiting to get this game for a long time now, the wait is finally over! Under a fiver is an unbelievable deal, thanks for posting this.

Really good price for a great game.
I'm still going to wait for some kind of GOTY edition with all the DLC included, though, as I hate the thought of not buying the 'full' game.
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Bargain price this, I must say Asda really haven't been competing with their used game prices for the past few months now.

Anyone know if this is couch co-op?

I just picked this up today as well, just to clarify this is for the sealed new version not pre owned. Bristol store had tons in stock behind the counter. Will go nicely with the 200ms points Lair of the Shadow Broker dlc of the day deal I downloaded the other day.
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