Mass Effect Books 1 (Revelation) and 2 (Ascension) £3.49 and £3.99 @ Amazon (RRP £15.98 Combined)

Mass Effect Books 1 (Revelation) and 2 (Ascension) £3.49 and £3.99 @ Amazon (RRP £15.98 Combined)

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Saw these on Amazon. Pretty good price concidering RRP is £7.99 each (in the real world about £5.99 on other book stores.) Great reviews and a good readi f you like the games (or not!)

Revelation (first book) is set before the first Mass Effect game and sets up the events of the first Mass Effect game including technology of the Protheans, the charicters and a whole new plot. Written by Drew Karpyshyn (Who also wrote/designed the Mass Effect video game)

Ascension is probabily more for the die hard fans and is set between Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2. Still, reviews are great

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EDIT: Link to book 2…1-2


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Mass Effect 2 Ascension link:…1-2

I enjoyed reading both books and think Drew Karpyshyn's a great author. I will say that I'm an avid Mass Effect fan though!

Cool! Was looking to get this for a decent price - that definitely qualifies!!! Heat added!

Thanks, my son will love these and his B'day is coming up. Heat added.

Good price - shame after months of waiting I finally bought the second book only a week ago for £5.49 from Play.

I thoroughly enjoyed both of these books. Compared to most game/film tie in books, they're great.

picked these up a while back when on holiday in the states. Really enjoyed them not a sci fi fan but love Mass effect. Hoping for more. Heat

ta for teh heads up, orderd x

Big fan of the games, had no idea these books even existed, so thanks for pointing them out, ordered both =)
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