Mass Effect - PC version for just £7.99 @ SoftUK

Mass Effect - PC version for just £7.99 @ SoftUK

Found 14th Oct 2008
Please note this offer starts WEDNESDAY (15th October) and lasts until 17th Oct 2008.

A fantastic price for a HOT game. Scored 9 out of 10 at Gamespot * and 9.2 out of 10 at IGN**

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great game, great price give it a few hours to get into it though, if you liked KOTOR you will love this

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oh wow i actually managed to not mess up this listing lol


Why would you neg this? Good game, great price.

coming up as £14.99 plus free delivery


coming up as £14.99 plus free delivery

"offer starts wedsnesday" :thumbsup:

sorry, didn't read the first line:oops:. (voted hot though)
good game good price.

will be buying

(not sure if this game has limited activations (like Spore))

I like this game - but the only problem with it is the copy protection that Electronic arts has put onto this game...

Now don't let this put you off, but do a bit of searching if you want to see what people have been complaining about - to summarise.

When you install the game you have to have the computer connected to the internet (Mass Effect is only a single player game, so this is a bit silly!) - it then registers your game, and then every 5 days it will again connect to see if your CD Key is valid - if your computer is not connected to the internet for 5-10 days after it has last checked, then it will lock down your copy of the game and not let you play it until you connect to the internet and get it verified again.

This is a little frustrating, but wait, it gets worse...

People have installed the game on their PC, both on their account and another account on the same machine - this counts as two registrations of the game, you're allowed a maximum of 3. Some people have had issues where they've removed an external hard disk, and it thinks that the computer has changed entirely and you then have to re-register the game...

After 3 registrations of the game (say you change your graphics card, or add a hard disk, or a sound card) then it gets locked down and you have to contact EA to get it unlocked - but this is not an easy process in the slightest and requires either e-mail or paying via a premium rate number only then to be treated like a criminal... (I kid you not!)

Now, Bioware said that it would lock to your hardware, and you could change most of your hardware before it would ask you to re-register, but this is clearly not the case, and EA won't tell anyone what changes they can make before this issue arises - it seems flakey at best.

In fact, it's so bad that if people complain about the copy protection on Spore or some of the other EA games, EA will delete your account on their servers these days.

I would buy this game, but from the copy protection issues and the fact I change my hardware reasonably frequently - I'm steering clear, even at this excellent price.

It's a good game, a great price - I'll vote it hot, just wanted to point out that EA may treat you like a criminal if you have issues, all their games seem to be doing this lately. One of the reasons why this is so cheap is because people have been boycotting it - it's a great game, but crippled by silly EA.

Also, has anyone ever seen EA's download service? They only let you download it for the first 6 months and then you have to buy it again - you also can't back it up 'easily' to CD/DVD either, that's just criminal!


(not sure if this game has limited activations (like Spore))

Yep. 3 activations, see the previous post - it's just as bad... well maybe not as bad, but nearly!
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