Mass Effect (xbox 360) for £9.98!!!!!!!
Mass Effect (xbox 360) for  £9.98!!!!!!!

Mass Effect (xbox 360) for £9.98!!!!!!!

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First post, so be kind
Okay, now this involves a bit of traveling, but its worth it for this game.

First, go to GameStation, buy Mass Effect for £19.98, then go to your nearest CEX store, and they will buy it for £30.00 cash, then go back to GameStation to buy it once more. this might take a bit of time depending on how close these to stores are, but in Liverpool, its only about a 10 minute walk down Church street to the end then to Liverpool Central station.

so either way you look at it, you've just got an extra £10 Christmas money - or you just got £10 off the game. enjoy playing


Hi OP,
Good idea...plenty of similar threads. But (1) you could make this thread for any game... (2) 9/10 CEX stores will not give you cash anyway, and (3) the title is very misleading

There is no online stock of this (hasn't been since yesterday) you may get lucky instore but thats the chance you'd take.

CEX will have no have any cash until mid January

This isn't really a hot deal. The game price (already posted) is good but advising the thousands of users to buy this game purely to trade or sell to cex is a sure fire way to get them to adjust their prices.

Ruins it for the people who want to play and trade.

1 - CEX rarely pay cash for games....only offer p/x which is NOT the same

2 - Mass Effect is Out of Stock at £19.99 anyway, and is around £37-£39 everywhere

Does the OP not think that CEX monitor price from competitors so they'd realise PDQ what the going price is...........

Not a Hot Deal....more like a way to lose money while running up and down a High Street!;-)

I did this today. Got cash fine at CEX.

I had to laugh when the person in front went up with 10 copies and said "Its for my friends!". Hmmmm... they refused the sale unsurprisingly! Couldnt believe the cheek. 2 yeah, then go back later for more if they have stock - but 10??

CEX now give you £17 for this so tough luck to those hoping to cash in. Voted very cold for the misleading title, probably like everyone else has.
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