massage chair with foot rest and heat therapy for £74.99 @comet & save £75

massage chair with foot rest and heat therapy for £74.99 @comet & save £75

Found 3rd Dec 2006
Product code 319724
SAVE £75 - The perfect stress relief after a hectic day - sit back and relax in this massage chair with footrest, 10 massage modes and heat therapy pad for additional relief WAS £149.99
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Looks quite good, may be worth reserving one and have a look in store before you buy :santa:
Looks very intersting! I'd love to try it out.

(I've added an image there... :))
I tried one of these out at Costco when they first came out, they are mad, all I can say. Sit in it for 5 mins and for the next 10 mins after, you still feel like you are in the chair. Costco had it for £60 back then, so no idea what the price is now.
Has anyone actually tried out this chair? Any comments will be appreciated...

Tempted to get one myself but don't know if they are any good?
Hi folks, I actually own this chair..

I'm writing from it now - I'd recommend for this price, it has a great LED display which lights in accordance with what massage pattern is running - if you have it on 'auto' it will change the pattern every minute - my fave is from head to toe, some of the others are unsettling I think, lol

It's pretty much assembled in box, all you need to do is lay the base down (a round tubular metal thing with canvas stretched over) then insert the centre hydrolic thing (not that it raises or falls as far as I'm aware) and then unfold the seat, secure the back and attach the footrest - this was the hardest part for me as being a bloke, you have to find the right holes and insert two screws into them - I was underneath my chair with a torch sweating buckets - my advice is to make sure the seat of the chair is as far back as possible - you'll understand if you get one.

The instructions ain't great, there is a chart which shows massage patterns, but I'm sure it could have been explained more easily - it's kinda like looking at morse code.

Also the instructions kinda contradict themselves - at one point it says it doesn't recommend using it for more than 15mins at a time, and at another 30mins - I've played safe and gone with 15 - the awkward thing is, the timer on it, starts at 30 and increments only.. what I do is hold the button down to take it to 99, then it starts from 00 and you can take it up to 15 (mins) or whatever you like.

As I say for the price, I really don't think you'll complain, unless you are used to a expensive massage chair - this is my first go of any, and I'm more than happy - I got mine delievered, took 3 days I recall, two blokes came and happilly carried it upstairs for me - as I say, unboxing and putting together is easy.

One delivery guy even asked me how much I paid as he was interested in one.

One other note, it does have those 'fire' and batch labels on each cushion - including the back, so I've a white label off the right hand side of mine - no big deal, but the pic doesn't show it - if you were careful, you could probably remove it. Again, this is nothing and is just me being a perfectionist, lol

I was really impressed with the remote though - I luv the LED thing - ooh, sorry for this essay, another point... the footrest... well, yes, if you have short legs, it's kinda under my knees when I use it extended almost to as far as it will go - so just don't expect it to be down by your feet, unless you are short (I'm 5,7 btw)

Hope that read okay, sorry if I lost you anywhere - happy to answer any questions on this *nods*
What's a "message chair"?:giggle:
Had something simliar and it recommends u use it 10 mins at a time , to me just felt like resting your head on a bus if u get my drift....nothing like a massage.

I would sooner use the money to pay someone to give me a real one.

What's a "message chair"?:giggle:

Hee hee! Didn't see that!? !

@ Dave. Great review there
i really want this. i sit at my computer alot these days trying to finish some course work from uni i rekon this might help. thanks for this post
Hiya Dave,

Thanks for all the info,

Would be quite intrested to know how comfortable the chair is when its not massaging ?

Also what kind of massage motion is it ?

I had one of those massage chair covers you strapped it onto an existing chair, and the pads underneath buzzed in a pattern,

Wasnt much of a massage and wasnt very comfortable sitting on these hard pads

Will probably reserve one to have a look at but whats your opinion dave ?
sorry its a massage chair...stupid spelling mistake:? ...just bit sleepy

What's a "message chair"?:giggle:

I have been in to Comet tonight to try the Chair is as comfortable as any decent computer chair and it does recline, didnt think to much of the massage bit more like a vibrate. Gave it a good 15 minutes test.....Then I tried the chair next to it with one of these on HOMEDICS…181
Thats when it dawned on me I had just found my Xmas present it had little balls that run up and down your spine a proper massage I am currently suffering with my back and this was fantastic. If you go to check out the massage chair you will need to try the HOMEDICS SBM-200.
Hi pacetoccy Little balls that run up and down your spine... I'm saying nothing

Welcome to the forums!!
I had a go on the vibrating full chair at Comet yesterday and to be honest afetr just a few minutes of being vibrated I felt a bit rough, it just makes your head feel funny when you stand up!

Anyway I have bought the Homedics SBM-200 and it is a miles better massager than this vibrating chair.
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