Massive clearance event at B&Q Monday 4th August

Massive clearance event at B&Q Monday 4th August

Found 29th Jul 2014
Collect from store only!! Part of the massive B&Q clearance event from Monday 4th Aug 7am

For all those asking for a list - stahp! The list has 1000s of items and the OP has already helped more than enough.
Your best bet is to go down on Monday morning and check in person.
- copperspock

Q: is this in-store or online
A: in-store only

Q: Is this nationwide or store-specific?
A: Nationwide

Q: Can we have the complete list?
A: No, it's 1000s of items long

Q: Can the OP go through all the hassle of PMing just me the list (considering I've been a contributing member of HUKD for a whole minute)?
A: No, see above

Q: When I enter the EANs I don't get the right results, what's up?
A: Prices will be reduced for Monday

Q: Can I reserve & collect?
A: No

Q: Can any discounts be applied on top?
A: No trade discount, no OAP discount and no staff discount

Q: Will there be any inflatable trepanning tools in clearance?
A: Yes, they'll be next to the Unibond sealants
- copperspock

Q: is it the same list in every store
A: yes... but depends what stock the store has. No new stock will arrive for this... The bigger the store the better

Q: can I ring store to find out stock and reserve
A: good luck
- bigweapon07

Short of expecting the OP to photograph every page of the list at their store, which contains thousands of items and he'd probably get in trouble for doing, there will be no list provided. Plus it is store specific, the list contains all items across all stores but each store will have a much smaller percentage of the items available, please bear that in mind.
- tek-monkey

Full list now available here (thanks boabbyrab and gab123) -…FFJ
- BeerDrinker

B+Q employee who completely forgot about this site till his mate sent a link to this thread - B+Qs in South West London (New Malden, Sutton and a few others) have the sale on WEDNESDAY - NOT TOMORROW. So don't come tomorrow - we will not alter the price stated by the till.

- chunkylover
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Original Poster
It will be £99
Any way to find out what else will be included? TIA x
Original Poster
It's huge take me too much time to post, sheds, arbours, power tools, slabs, paint, electrical, from right across the shop at below cost prices!
THX will have a look !!
Thx gab123..
Am after an impact driver, are there any of them on your super list?..
Thx in advance
Original Poster
7 x 7 shiplap shed was £349.98 will be £139 ean 5397007009002
Original Poster
Lots of ryobi one powertools, Bosch all rounder, black and decker drills and sanders, scorpion saw.
Can't see any impact drivers
Original Poster
Kids wooden play hut will be £59
Original Poster
Mira pace ev shower £291 on miras website will be £54
Original Poster
Too many to mention!!
Is this at all B&Q 's ??
are these available to order online? would love the kids wooden playhouse
Original Poster
Yes all B&Q on Monday 4th nationwide 7am
do you know the ean for kids playhut pls?
Thx gab123.. You're a star! I will be there.. Already use ryobi one stuff at work so will be there at 7am
Any chance you can direct message me the list pal! Great find very interested in this
Original Poster
Kids hut 5397007009149 or for £79 5397007009125
Original Poster
The list is huge
Hi there GAB123 are there any furniture sets listed at all?
Original Poster
Garden furniture has been reduced today 5052931256358 was £149 now £90 8 piece set
ok don't shoot me down for being thick but can you order now or just be at the store early on monday?
Hi, any parasols being reduced
Is there a link to the huts the EAN number isn't working
Will everything be available online or would I be better going to store Monday morning ?
Original Poster
The Monday 4th stuff is just first come first served 7am, the garden furniture is available in store now and you can reserve and collect via
Original Poster
The wan will probably link to home delivered products same products but collect only.
Original Poster
Parasol 5052931257720 reduced to £30 in store now, it's overhanging type 3m
any internal doors?
Original Poster
No doors
hi Gab123 is there any Petrol Strimmers on the list? cheers
Thanks gab but its oos near me : (
or any corner arbours?
Original Poster
Corner arbour, blooma chiltern £99 5397007007558 electric ryobi strimmer £20 no petrol on my list
Original Poster
Bosch lithium ion 34 ...3165140605243 £119 these are selling at over £300
Original Poster
Lawn mower
Where did you get the list. Do you work for b&q can't see online
thanks Gab123 will look forward to 4th great prices

Corner arbour, blooma chiltern £99

This isn't available for in store collect.

Hardly any of these EAN's work either.
Hi gab123 sorry to bother you but is there any garden benches on the list please.
Original Poster
Deeky the barcodes are 100% accurate I'm not making this stuff up!! You may not be able to google them but they do exist I've been picking this stuff ready for the 4th it does exist.
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