Massive Dairy Box 720g, was £15 now £3.20 instore Tesco

Massive Dairy Box 720g, was £15 now £3.20 instore Tesco

Found 26th Dec 2013
180g is £3 on their site so this price is great for 720g. Also best before date is until June 2014. I'll be keeping giving them and giving them on Valentines Day as eaten too much chocolate already.
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Tight bottomed old romantic you

Should book the Megabus to Paris as well

You mean £3.75 not £3.20. I bought them earlier
Dont lie ScottyMelotty, you'll be stuffing them down your neck by New Years Eve you old bloater ! X)
This was never £15 they have been £7.50 every time ive seen them on the run up to xmas going back months
£2.75 in our local
He told the lucky girl something else was massive..
£5 in Premier recently was great value...if national fantastic
and this to title please I was going to order the ones on the link
At Morrisons you've got them on the shelf priced at £7 (reduced from £10), but scanning £3.89 at till (if Morrisons closer to you)

Edited by: "Xintruder" 27th Dec 2013
I got these at my local store yesterday but they were £3.75... Still a bargain though! Also seen them in my local morrisons for £3.99, had loads left. I'm in coventry
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