Massive Flash Sale 20% Price Drop on Shoei, Sidi, Spada and Caberg Motorcycle Clothing & Helmets
This deal isn't on the website but I've just received an email and it's on their social sites too, depending on what you're after you can save over £100 on shoei helmets. I've been a ghostbikes customer for over 5 years and I don't think they have ever slashed their prices this much on the latest gear! There isn't a end time advertised so unsure how long it will last


Good find op I've had no problems with Ghostbikes, though I wish Shoei gear wasn't so expensive to begin with.
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I wish I still had my R6 heat added

just bought a new Z1000sx .. happy days!

Some good stuff, thank you for the heads up - might be worth putting Ghost Bikes in the main title:)

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just bought a new Z1000sx .. happy days!

​You've got to have new kit with a new bike... It's the law!

Cant find it, must have finished?

I got that on Facebook and the Shoei 'sale' prices were the pretty much the same as sportbikeshop had them at anyway Good prices, just not the mega deals they make out.
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